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Dawn Media Group

No description

umama manzoor

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Dawn Media Group

Levels of Services
The Dawn Media Group covers three areas which include the print media (organized as a separate division known as Dawn Group of Newspapers) the second one is broadcast media, and the last one is internet media
Dawn News Services
Marketing Mix of Dawn
Print media
•Dawn, its flagship newspaper
•Herald, a current affairs monthly
•Spider,a monthly Internet magazine
•Aurora, a marketing and advertising bi-monthly

Broadcast media
•Dawn News, 24-hour news channel,
• City FM 89, a music radio channel

Dawn Relief
• welfare organization

Internet media
• Dawn.com, a news web site
• Dawn E-paper
•Urdu.Dawn.com, news web site in Urdu
Rs. 15
Wednesday, June 11,2014
Vol, No. 311
It's Introduction and History
About Dawn
Departments at Dawn and their Integration
Dawn Media Group
A market leader and a brand icon, DAWN is read by key influence in the public and private sector and by the majority of the English reading public. Originally established as the dawn group of newspaper, the dawn media group came in to being 2008 to reflect the group’s transformation from a publisher of newspaper and magazine into a powerful media group straddling print with dawn, TV with Dawn news, radio with City FM98 and the internet with Dawn.Com.The history of the Associated Press of Pakistan as told by the Founder of the Associated Press of Pakistan, Malik Tajuddin The evolution of the Associated Press of Pakistan as the National News Agency owes its inspiration to the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam, with whom my initial contact was established in 1936 when I was in my late twenties and had hardly five years’ experience as a working journalist.
Exhibitions& Events
• Dawn Education Expo, annually education festival
• Fuelling Pakistan
• Spelling Bee Competition
• Karachi under the Raj
• Dawn Property Investment Show
• International Travel and Tourism show

News and current affairs Department
Marketing Department
Administration Department
IT Department
Human Resources Department
Creative Department
Operations Department
Finance Department
Sales Department
Delivery department
Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide accurate, credible and extensive information with an added unique dimension that speaks to our readers from a national point of view. Bringing to them a complete picture of what is happening in Pakistan as well as abroad. We assist our readers in forming opinions and making decisions that are balanced and well informed.

Vision Statement
o To enhance the global community by creating, collecting and distributing high quality
news, information and entertainment.

o Dawn is dedicated to the ideal of independent, fair and unbiased journalism. News,
opinion and advertising are and must remain clearly separated. Equally, we are all united
in our dedication to the success of Dawn as a viable and vital business.

o Diversity gives our enterprise versatility and strength. That is why we are committed in
all our endeavors, journalistic and commercial, to embrace and respect the differences of
our co-workers and our readers. It’s our objective to uphold the highest journalistic,
business and personal ethics and keep a relentless focus on serving our customers.


Element of interdependency
Creative and business mind personals
Set rules and regulations
Equal employment opportunity
Independence in working of the employees
Maintenance of Prestigious repute
DAWN price daily: Rs. 15/-

DAWN price on Sundays: Rs. 22/-

Herald Cover Price: Rs. 75/-
Herald Yearly subscription: Rs. 564/- (37 % discount)
Giveaway for Subscription Herald Pen
Annual Issue Price: Rs. 100/-

Spider Cover Price: Rs. 50
Spider Yearly Subscription 300/- (50 % discount)
Spider Two Yearly Subscription: Rs. 550/- (55% discount)
Giveaway for Two Yearly Subscriptions:
Spider Satchel Annual Issue Price: Rs. 100/-

Aurora Cover Price: 50/-
Aurora Yearly Subscription: 200/- 33% discount
Aurora Two Yearly Subscription: 300/- 50% discount
Giveaway for Subscription: Aurora Business Card Holder
Annual Issue Price: Rs. 100/-

Major Station
Geographical Stratification
Circulation Procedure
Human Resource at Circulation Department
Circulation of Magazines


Dawn media group uses its own entire media like its own Newspaper, Fm 89, E paper and
different events as promotional tool along with earning revenues.

Advertisement sources
Advertisement agency
Marketing team

Process Facility
This is how the process completes
Production at Dawn refers to two parts:


In the pre-press process software used are:
Quark express

Press refers to the printing of the newspaper

Production Planning

Material in Production
Print Machinery
Spare Parts
People and Physical Evidence
New Gatherings
Editing by Editor
finalizing the page Maker
Flower of Services
Core and Supplementary Products
Channels Used by Dawn
Governing Body


Mrs. Amber Haroon Seigol
Director Operations
Miss. Naaz Afreen Seigol
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Hameed Haroon
Promotion of Dawn and its product
Design and management of service processes

Managing people for services advantage and creating services

Managing relationship and building loyalty
From the customer point of view

From the advertiser point of view
Complaint Handling
From Customer side
From Advertiser side
Dawn Sowt Analysis
Competitive Advantage gained by Dawn Media Group
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