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Compare and Contrast the Northern,Middle,Southern colonies

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Vivian Nguyen

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast the Northern,Middle,Southern colonies

Compare and Contrast the Northern,Middle,and Southern colonies
Northern Colony
Northern colony is known also as New England
Englishmen settled here
Economics,religion,and politics grew slowly as new settlers came
linked different American colonies to other parts of the world for trade
traded sugar and molasses,molasses was made into rum.
farmers practiced subsistence farming,to produce enough for the family needs
Middle Colony
German,Dutch,Swedish,some more English Settlers lived in this colony
gave cultural diversity,like religion and culture
belief that all men and women were children of God living in peace
grew cash crops,crops that could easily be sold in colonies oversea
had fertile soil,a better climate,some livestock
farmed in larger areas
had industries such as flour making,lumbering,mining,and some small-scale manufacturing.
traded rope,sails,and some other stuff
Southern Colony
Carolina,Georgia,German.Scotch-Irish and some Indians lived here
controlled economic and political life in region
had a formal education for large landowners and professionals such as lawyers or doctors
rich soil and warm climate
grew tobacco,rice,indigo,and some other dye textiles
also planted corn,wheat,beans,potatoes,and turnips
plantations used indentured servants,people who agree to work without pay to go to America.
later on,switched to African slaves
hired overseers to keep the slaves working hard
had harsh rocky soil which led to subsistence farming
land was granted to a group and divided among families
have ship building and small-scale factories
River system allowed them to trade
larger businesses such as lumbering,mining,and some other stuff
attracted a lot of German,Dutch,Swedish people
farm were scattered,not so urban
used to use indentured servants but switched to slaves
plantations came to be and needed more slaves

Comparing and contrasting the Northern,Middle,and Southern colonies.
they established and made their economic bases almost the same
colonies were established through some sort of business enterprise
the colonies are all a part of the global trade
most children were taught about religion
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