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Unit 1. 주어와 동사의 수일치

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park bora

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Unit 1. 주어와 동사의 수일치

Thank You!
수식받는 주어의 수 일치
1. 수식어 : 전명구
The custom of decorating the body with jewels
ad ancient habit.
3. 도치구문의 수일치
James is a business person who
freat difficulty speaking in front of other people.
구나 절 주어의 수일치

기타주어의 수 일치
2. 선행사와 관계사절 내 동사의 수일치
* 수식받는 주어의 수 일치
* 선행사와 관계사절 내 동사의 수일치
* 도치구문의 수일치
* 구나 절 주어의 수일치
* 기타주어의 수일치

Unit 1. 주어와 동사의 수일치
While flower giving is very popular these days, the most common reason to give flowers
to express romantic love.

Nervous first dates, wedding decorations and bouquets, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day are all special events
need beautiful, carefully selected flowers.

But love isn't the only reason people give flowers. Flowers are often presented for a celebration such as birthdays and
to Moms on Mother's Day by children.
주어가 단수->동사도 단수
주어가 복수->동사도 복수
단수 취급 주어
단수명사-An apple is on the table.
셀수 없는 명사-Knowledge is power.
복수 취급하는 주어
복수명사-The apples are in a basket.
and로 연결되는 어구 - Ham, eggs and tomato are in the sandwich
혼동하기 쉬운 주어
a number of vs the number of
A number of students are studyig in the library now.
The number of students in this class is twenty.
2. 수식어 : V-ing
Children dealing with hunger pains
trouble paying attention in school.
3. 수식어 : p.p
Clothes made from natural fibers
one of the products favored by environmentalists.
수식받는 주어의 수 일치
4. 수식어 : to-v

The firstpeople to live in Alaska
Eskimos,Aleuts, and Indians.
5. 수식어 : 형용사구

A few drivers eager to get the spot she would be leaving
was /were
waiting near her car.
6. 수식어 : 관계사절

One capital city that does not have any smog
Reykjavik, Iceland.
01 The national soccer team led by the new coach
has / have
won all the games until now.

02 College students anxious about obtaining a job
is / are
hoping to get places in internship programs.

03 Children who start studying certain subjects too early often
suffer / suffers
from much stress.

04 People living in the city
has / have
been living in fear since last Thursday's earthquake.

05 While giving flowers is very popular these days, the most common reason to give flowers
is / are
to express romantic love.

지 혼자 못 씀
앞에 the를 붙이거나
뒤에 s를 붙여야 함.
Most people know
smoking is bad for them,
but not many know just how bad it is.

Every cigarette you smoke
your body much damage.
In a study, 158 moviegoers in Philadelphia were given a medium or a large container of free popcorn
was either fresh or not.
My grandmother is seventy years old.
She has an interest in computers, so she is learning to use
at the public library.

In class, she is a good student. She really wants to understand things
by the teacher.

So she tries to ask the teacher many questions.
I want to be a good student
Unit 2. 명사/대명사 일치
* 대명사의 일치

* 명사와 수식어의 수일치
1. 대명사의 수 일치
What is beauty? Different cultures define
quite differently.
2. '소유격+명사'를 대신하는 명사
Their opinions are worth more than
in this debate.
3. 인칭대명사 vs 재귀대명사
She calmed
recollecting her happiest moments.
1. 가산N 수식어 vs 불가산N 수식어
Damage from acid rain has become widespread in many/much parts of the world.
I'll lend you some/a few money for the taxi fare.
2. 가산/불가산 명사의 공통수식어
A recent study shows that kids who watch a lot of TV (A) [is / are] more likely to be overweight than those who do not. Can you guess why?

It’s because of commercials on TV! The junk food is often (B) [advertising / advertised] in commercials by their favorite cartoon characters.

It is so appealing that kids just want to go out and get (C) [it / them] right away! Kids who watch a lot of TV and those attractive commercials are also likely to stay only at home and be getting less exercise.
Kenya is one of seven African countries that (A) [have / has] the world's highest population growth rate, at 4.1 percent.

Thus, Kenyan government officials encourage people to have fewer children and (B) [using / to use] family planning.

However, for many people in Kenya, family planning clinics are far from their homes, and for religious reasons and (C) [because / because of] custom, many Kenyans oppose birth control. Also, in Africa, having many children is traditionally considered a gift.

A physical examination is a good way to check up on your health.
① It
is a good idea to have a physical examination, or checkup, about once a year.
The purpose of the checkup is to make sure that each part of your body
② is
growing and doing its job
③ properly.
If you are having problems such as not sleeping or losing weight, this is a good opportunity to discuss
④ it
with your doctor.
It is also a good time to check on the shots to protect your body from illness. So go to see a doctor and
⑤ check
up on your body right now.
Moviegoers can be classified according to the way they behave. Some people talk normally.

When they come into the theater with someone, they talk (A) [quiet / quietly] until the movie starts. Once the movie starts, they don’t make comments to each other.

(B) [The others / Others] talk a lot. When they come into the theater, they talk and laugh. They hardly notice when the movie starts because they are still talking.

They can’t hear (C) [that / what] is going on in the movie. People in this group don’t care about the needs of others.
숙제 :
-2013년 6월 모의고사 단어 싹 외우기
-FEFECI 동사 외우기
Unit 3. 동사의 시제
A driver saw two men carrying heavy bags

on a lonely country road. This reminded

him of the news (A) what/ that he had

heard on the radio: two thieves stopped a

train and stole mailbags full of money. He

at once called the police. The police soon arrived on the scene and arrested them.

They questioned (B) both/ each me but neither of them could speak English.

They just kept shouting loudly at the police. Later, the police realized that they (C) have made/ had made a terrible mistake.

The men were French onion-sellers and their bags were full of onions!

* 단순과거 vs 현재완료
1. 단순과거
명백한 과거 나타내는 부사구 : in + 과거연도,

yesterday, last~(지난 ~에), ~ago(~전에), when 등

After graduating from university, he joined/has joined the Toei Animation Company in 1963.
2. 현재완료

자주 쓰이는 부사구 : since +특정과거시점(~이래로), for+기간(~동안)

Populations of large fish, such as tuna and shark, dropped/have dropped by 90% since 1950.

*시간,조건의 부사절

1. 시간의 부사절

When Amy and Jude realize/will realize their baby is doing fine in day care center, they will feel much relief.

when, after, until, till, as soon as (~하자마자)

I know when the exhibition is/ will be held.

2. 조건의 부사절

If the weather is/will be good, he will arrive in Yeouido on August 15.

if, unless, once, as long as

I wonder if it rain/will rain tomorrow.
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