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Human Genome

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Human Genome

Questions 4-6
Questions 7,8
What is the Human Genome Project?
Questions 1-3
What is a genome?: A complete set of DNA
What are the goals of the human genome project?:
Provide a complete and accurate sequence of 3 billion DNA base pairs that make up human genes.
When did the project start?: April 2003.
How many genes has the project sequenced
mapped?: Base 200-2000
How many base pairs will be sequenced?:
What other species besides humans were
sequenced?: Animals
Who is involved in the project?: Aristides Patrinos succeeded Galas and Francis Collins succeeded James Watson
Group Members: Brian, Darnell, Alex, and Keyarra
What is being done with the information learned by the HGP?: Maintaining the human body and its structures
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