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It's a Woman's World

No description

Cathy Chen

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of It's a Woman's World

It's a Women's World by:
Kasie Chappell
Cathy Chen
Ochi Samarakoon
Maria Schaefer Analysis Title TPCASTT Background Information Eavan Boland:
-Born in 1944 in Dublin,Ireland.
-Raised in London and New York City.
It's a Women's World:
-1982, in Dublin, Ireland
-part of the poetry collection "Night Feed"
-stereotypes of women
-women's rights supporter
-her works cover controversial topics such as child abuse, eating disorders, and violence against women.
-explore feminist issues, especially in patriarchal literature in Ireland. -Women play a larger part in this world Paraphrase Speaker: female voice
Setting: Modern day looking
back through history
Attitude/Tone Connotation -Irony
-Imagery -fervently defiant Shifts -5-42: supporting women's rights
-43-53: society's effect on women Theme Women should take more action
on their own rights. They're being
submissive like their stereotype claims.
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