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Heath and Fitness Awareness Day

A Day of Heath at Concordia

Samantha Johnson

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Heath and Fitness Awareness Day

Hosted by: My Fitness World Heath and Fitness Awareness Day Lecture 2 Benefits of Exercise Why Don't People Exercise? Art of Balance Activity
Grant Landy
The Green
2:00pm Learn how to balance your eating habits, fitness, school and work.

MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU! Lecture 1 "Exercise Lecture"
Taught by Cisco Reyes
1:00pm - 1:30pm
Room: 113 GRW Booths "Nutrition Lecture"
Taught by Kate Fischer
Room: FAB Lecture Hall Increased:
1. Energy
2. Self Esteem
3. Mental Focus
4. Strength and Stamina *Lack of Motivation
*Busy Schedule
*Exercise Suggestions for your Body
* Healthy Eating Suggestions & Plans
*Test Your Stress levels
*Learn how to cope with stress
*Blood Pressure
* Healthy Snack Choices 1. Prioritize
2. Schedule
3. Plan
4. Write it down! HOW? Healthy Snacks! Happiness
Body Image Decreases:
1.Risk of Heart Attack
2. Risk of Osteoporosis
3. Stress Levels
4. Risk of Breast Cancer
5. Depression Funding
*Learning the Basics of Exercise
* Create a good Plan for YOU.
*Learn how to set reachable goals
* Foam Rolling
* Stretching
*Importance of Sleep Mission Statement

*Cooperate Fitness Chain
*Hired by CU administration to raise awareness regarding health and fitness
*Run a Flat structured business
*Funding and hosting event
*Will provide staff for event
*Donations from event will be given back to the University Solutions *Find a Friend
*Join a Class
*Waking up earlier
* Make family a part of exercise
*Always take the stairs Statistics on Poor
Lifestyle Choices Critical Issue? We believe these are issues that circulate through our community and on our campus. We think awareness is the best way to help prevent them. Benefits University Community *Healthy Life Style Choices Are the Best Forms of Preventative Medicine* "We are here to help improve your heath and well being for a better life" *Unhealthy lifestyle is the primary contributor to the six leading causes of death in the U.S. (heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory diseases, accidents, and diabetes) which account for 70% of all deaths.

*Obesity is a major issue. If americans Stick to their eating habits half of adults in the united States will be obese by the year 2030

*Medical Costs are at an all time high. $2.7 trillion dollars spent on obesity and poor lifestyle related issues. Helps: *Help prevent student absences *Improves employee turnover rate (within Concordia University)
*Good overall employee and student health
*Enhances overall productivity *Improves quality of life
*Improves productivity within the community *Attitude brightens
*Overall mood and energy References Olivia Fisher
Service Supervisor at 24 Hour Fitness
oliviafisher@me.com Brochures and flyers will be dispersed on campus prior to the event My Fitness World We will fund the day of the event. We will put donation jars out and every donation will be given back to Concordia University Works Cited Teta, J. (2005). The Impact of Lifestyle Choices. Townsend Letter For Doctors & Patients, (269), 89-91. Poor food choices for some. (2001). Better Nutrition, 63(3), 22. Health Stats. (2010). Alive: America's Natural Health & Wellness Magazine, (239), 144. Kids Place *Capture the Flag
*Red Rover
*Sharks and Minnows
*Tag Bring your kids to play for a day! Exercise for Beginners Create Your Own Exercise Plan Goal Setting Nutrition Booth Stress Booth Measurements and Evaluations Snack Bar Take Care of Your Body "Get Moving" Walk With Us! Take a walk around the Concordia neighborhood with one of our staff. Take a deep breath and visit with friends!
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