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The Whistle

Isabella L. Canlas January 22,2013

Isabella Canlas

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Whistle

READ page 165

Topic: The Whistle by Benjamin Franklin Summary Benjamin Franklin was seven years old when he was given coppers, and told that he could spend them on anything that he liked. He came from a large family where money was never something that was offered often. One day, Franklin rushed off to the toy shop to spend his coppers. On the way, a sound of a whistle caught him. He gave his coppers to a young boy and offered all of his coppers for it.When he got home, his family soon made him aware that he had paid far too much for the whistle and that he could have bought four times as many. This upset Franklin so much so that he lost all pleasure in the whistle. Structure The Whistle Benjamin Franklin - Born on Milk Street, in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706;-A polymath;
-A major figure in the American Enlightenment;
-Always proud of his working class roots;
-Attended Boston Latin School but did not graduate; he continued his education through voracious reading. -An Essay.
-Theme: one should not sacrifice or spend too much of their time or money on things that are not worth it.
-Themes: Money, family, care, sacrifice, lesson for self improvement. He talks about the evils in life comparing them metaphorically to whistles. He starts the essay by telling a story about him as a child. The essay teaches us the lesson of how spending too much time, money and effort on living out a materialistic life is harmful. Lesson Learned Following Ben’s story of his whistle, he gives examples of insignificant objects people in the world try to procure, spending too much time and money in the process. He uses a whistle as a symbol of trying too hard to gain something that is unsatisfactory. Some of these examples include spending too much money on unnecessary items and too much time trying to hold a higher position in society.
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