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The Disaster of Pompeii (Em.j)

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Emily Jannaway

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of The Disaster of Pompeii (Em.j)

What is the Pompeii Disaster?
What happened at Pompeii?

In 79AD in a Roman city called Pompeii Mt Vesuvius erupted and spewed molten ash all over the land. Its an estimated 2,000 people were killed. The city is said to be frozen in time because, Not until the 18th century, Pompeii was lost in History. This was because the city had been so badly effected.
Where did this event occur?
Mt Vesuvius in detail
Mt Vesuvius was discovered about 7,000 years ago. In Southern Italy near Naples. It was discovered by the first settlers of Rome, The Latins. Mt Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe. Its height is 1,281 meters, And its base width is 48 kilometers. Mt Vesuvius has erupted around 37 times. But has had 8 major eruptions in the last 17,000 years. The most famous eruption of Mt Vesuvius was in Pompeii, In 79 AD.

The eruption and the devastation it caused
The eruption of Pompeii occurred in 79 AD, And killed around 16,000 people. The eruption was so big it destroyed the entire city of Pompeii. People who were victims of the eruption were engulfed in ash and frozen in place. People who were lucky enough to escape, escaped by boats.
The Disaster of Pompeii
By Emily Jannaway

The Pompeii disaster occurred in Pompeii in 79AD. Mt Vesuvius had erupted and spewed molten ash all over Pompeii. It's estimated that about 2,000 people were killed by being engulfed in the ash.

The event occurred in the city of Pompeii, which is located about 144kms outside of Rome. It was established in 600 b.c.e, Near Mt Vesuvius.
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