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Iron (Fe)

No description

Blake Wilkinson

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Iron (Fe)

No Iron
If iron did not exist we would not have steel. That means we would not be able, or it would be harder to make things like bridges, swords, cars, etc.
Common Properties
1. Iron is a blackish-silver color.
2. Iron has a "metallic" odor.
3. Iron is solid at room temperature.
4. Iron melts at 1,538 degrees Celsius.
5. Iron boils at 2,750 degrees Celsius.
6. The atomic mass unit of iron is 55.845 AMU.
Basic Facts
1. Iron costs $0.00446 per gram or $2.00 per pound.
2. The average amount iron in a woman is 3.5 grams, men have about 4 grams in their bodies, and children have about3 grams or less of iron in their bodies.
3. Iron is needed to live because it helps transport oxygen through your body, helps keep healthy blood cells, nails, hair and skin. This means iron has a high nutritional value.

Uses of Iron Today
Today, iron is used to make steel, refrigerators, ships, parts of other vehicles, forks, knifes, spoons, parts of computers, etc.
History of Iron
Iron was used since ancient times, but to this day, scientists are still not sure how it was discovered. In ancient times, iron was used for beads, ornaments, farming tools, and weapons.
Iron (Fe)
By: me, Blake Wilkinson
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