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Aristotle + Plato: Hubris, sophomoric and tragic flaw

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Amber Hardy

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Aristotle + Plato: Hubris, sophomoric and tragic flaw

Aristotle + Plato: Hubris, sophomoric and tragic flaw
Plato and Aristotle's theories of sophomoric people and behavior coincide with their characteristics of being hubris, which is their tragic flaw
the word hubris is derived from greek; impying overconfidence or pride

someone who thinks they know, but really doesn't
* Hubris is most of the characters tragic flaw, they believe in themselves more than the power of the gods
Tragic Flaw
Characters I will use as examples
Mind Map for Phil. and Thea. paper
Plays w/ characters that show hubris qualities
In Antigone,
, Believes he knows best about the type of punishment said ' criminal, traitor' should suffer, however, it goes directly against the God's wishes
In Oedipus, Oedipus and his wife Jocasta have ignored the warnings of the seer and pursued their own avenues, eventually coming into contact w/ one another. they leave out, during their marrige, the fact that the same fortune has been reveled to them. had they told each other of their interactions w/ the seer, they would know that the fortune required one another to come true, or if Oedipus had stayed in his kingdom, instead of running away from his problems.
Tragedy = Character
Predicts the fate of those major characters involved in plot lines where tragedy strikes because of hubris
Antigone's case differs from the others in the fact that her ate was declared by the seer, but not to her
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