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TOK Presentation 2014

No description

Taku Aiga

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of TOK Presentation 2014

TOK Presentation
sports and our society

Real Life situation
Knowledge Issue #1
To what extent is the society a representation or imitation of sports?
Application for real life situations
Capitalism (Freedom) is better than Socialism (Equity)?

Lance Armstrong doping allegations
“a set of principles that people use to decide what is right and what is wrong”
is a set of ideas and ways of behaving of a particular organization or group of people.
Your Belief
Freedom VS Equity
If we give a much weight on the freedom, competition is inevitable. This is because we would like to maximize the quality of life. However, if we give a much weight on equity, then we all are equally treated, yet there is no “competition” which triggers our diligence and thus higher quality of culture.
e.g. the change in the preference of sports in Japan.
Knowledge Issue #2
To what extent does competition provide us with benefit?
Does promoting sports directly lead to more competitive business and thus lead to higher quality of life?
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