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Catie craft

Stock market project(:

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Catie craft

Stock Market Project(: CaTie CRaFT(: 4th period(: Aeropostal(: Starbucks(: Reason... I chose starbucks because i love their frappachinos and their coffees! My company is a retailer of speciality coffee, rich brewed coffee, italian-style espresso, cold blend beverages and many bakery items. What my company does... i invested $6,000 dollars in starbucks.
I gained $1,279.46 dollars from investing in this company.
So i profited from this company. (:
Profit and Loss! Facts(: Company started in 1971 Company makes 569 million dollars a year. There are a total of 142 million employese who work in starbucks across the U.S. It's original name was : Starbucks coffee, tea, and spices. Reason... Aeropostal is one of my favorite stores to shop at. Background information(: Sells casual apperar and accesories. Headquarters for this company is in california. Makes 5.2 million a year. Has 3639 employese Profit and Loss! i lost ($244.53) dollars out of $4,000. I did not make a profit :(
Aeropostal summary. The stock was moving steddily then it had a sudden decrese and it lost money. Starbucks summary. The stock was moving steady, then had an increase in stock and gained money(: Advice...
When deciding what company to invest in you need to do some background reasherch in finding out their profits. That way you can somewhat predict weather you will lose or gain money. What i liked about the project... i liked the whole project all together. It was not boring it was actually fun. What i did not like... it got boring having to do all the research for it. The end(: Not enough time to get the stock amounts and get enough graphing information to really fallow our stocks. Has about 18,546 employes. (:
The end(:
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