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No description

Melissa Harris

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Countdown

Michelle Rowen
By: Melissa Harris
What would you do if you only had 3 seconds to live? What would you do if you were put into a brutal game?Once the countdown starts there's no stopping it. It's either do or die. Pick one.
- Kira is on her own
-In a dark room with whom she thinks is a murder (Rogan)
-Level 1
-Level 2
-Level 3
-Level 4
-Reward level
-Level 5
-Level 6
-Doctor gets killed
-About to leave for shuttle
-Find Kira's friend Oliver
-Get found
-Kill the virus
Major Characters
Minor Characters
Kira Jordan-
afraid of all darkness, long brown hair, brave, homeless, trustworthy.
-Kira's parents died
- Kira and Rogan got put into an evil game
This book reminds me of the text the Hunger Games because in both books they are fighting for their lives. For them its either do or die. In the book the Hunger Games the tributes are fighting to the death. In this book "Countdown" they aren't fighting to the death but, they are still fighting to survive.
well written
detailed sentences
word choice
edge of my chair
Rogan Ellis-
labeled as a criminal, 18 years old, handsom, strong, trustworthy, protective.
The protagonist in this book is Kira Jordan because the entire book is revolved around her and her problems. All the thoughts in the book are hers. The book is written in 1st person. Kira is the main character therefore i think she is the protagonist.
The antagonist in this book is Rogan Ellis because he triggers all of the problems that lead to Kira. Kira wouldn't of been put into the game if he wasn't alive.
At the begginging of the book it stated that Kiras parents had died from an home invasion. (passage pg 1) After her parents died Kira felt alone, like she had nobody. Everyone across the world has had family members die and know what it feels like to be alone.

very smart, computer geek, trader, Kiras
best friend after her parents died.
A very intellegent man, a doctor,
old, he has brown hair.
smart, helps people. computer geek, young
Gareth -
Powerful, the gamemaker, evil
This book reminds me of the game soccer. In order to win, you must work as a team . In the book "Countdown" Rogan and Kira must work as a team to complete the game/escape the game.
Rogan had been acused for something he didnt do. People were acusing him for mudering 9 girls at an university and for mudering Kiras family. People around the world judge others for things they didn't do. They sterotype.
In conclusion, this book shows us to fight for what we believe in.
"It felt as if my heart was splintering in my chest"
"his eyes stood out like blue-green jewels"
"My stomach sank"
"The pain knifed through my brain"
"The candle flame danced in the dark"

"I gasped"
Elements of style
- In the levels
-"Countdown" headquarters
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