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Vision Board

by Susana Yan BLK: C

Susana Yan

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Vision Board

Vision Dream Board By Susana Yan Education Career Recreation Learn to use SLR cameras and develop my skill in photography Take a sketching class Travel around the world Complete homework everyday Immediate Goal Get on Honor Roll in Grade 10 Graduate High School and get into UBC Long Term Goal Long Term Goal Short Term Goal Immediate Goal Get a part-time job at Starbucks Work in a magazine company in the summer of 2013 Have a career in digital media in 10 years
(web page designer/graphic designer) Relationship Immediate Goal 2013 2025 Short Term Goal Long Term Goal 2013 Respect and be kind to my friends and family everyday Visit and get together with my friends and family in China during the summer Health Community Volunteer at 3 different facilities Long Term Goal "Reach for your goals." Short Term Goal Susana Yan Immediate Goal Short Term Goal Long Term Goal Long Term Goal Get 8 hours of sleep on most nights Immediate Goal Have a healthy diet and eat less junk food Short Term Goal Learn to play 2 new sports Immediate Goal Short Term Goal How to achieve: Focus at school
Use a homework checklist
Remind and encourage myself Results & Benefits: Get a higher grade
Get into a habit of completing tasks
Able to review
Help me learn better
Become a more responsible person How to achieve: Study hard
Manage time wisely
Focus in class
Keep my grades up
GPA over 3.5
Organize my work Benefits & Results: Gives me an incentive to reach for
Let me know that my hard work have paid off
Look good on university application How to achieve: Meet the graduation requirements
Achieve high grades
Have an effective way to study
Gain social experience
Participate in extracurriculum activities Benefits & Results: better chance of getting jobs
expand my knowledge and experience
develop academic and social skills
grow as a person Benefits & Results: Gain social and working experience
Earn money
Learn responsibility at a job
Free coffee
Interact with people How to achieve: Ask for help from a family friend owns magazine company
Learn the basic elements of creating a magazine
Ask people with experience in magazine company for support Benefits & Results: Gain experience working in media company
Learn real job routines
Learn to use different computer software
Good way to spend summer
Develop a career toward digital media and designing How to achieve: Gain experience related to the field of digital media
Learn to use different computer software (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw)
Talk with experienced people in this profession Benefits & Results: Have a job that I enjoy
Explore more about digital media
Improve designing skills
Gain deeper knowledge and experience in this profession
Earn money Pay back and take care of my family for everything they've done for me Be truthful Always lend a helping hand Live up to their expectations and be a faithful person Buy them a big house Spend quality time with my family Benefits & Results: Develop artistic skills
Stimulate creativity
Improve drawing skills
Learn sketching techniques
Spend less time on computer
Learn more about art How to achieve: Take a photography class
Observe and take lots of pictures
Learn different techniques
Find ways to improve photos
Look for inspiring photos and photographers
Ask for advice from people with experience Benefits & Results: Able to capture and remember each moment
Learn how to use Photosop and Lightroom
Take better photos
Inspires imagination
See the world from a different point of view How to achieve: Save money for traveling
Research on different countries
Research on tourist attractions and famous sights
Plan out a travel route
Find a spare time
Book flight tickets and do all the preparations Benefits & Results: Experience different culture
Great life experience and study while having fun
Able to relax and enjoy the world
Meeting new people
Seeing great sights and attractions
Develop planning skills Make a healthy nutritional meal plan Benefits & Results: Reduce the risk of diseases
Have a healthier body
Less chance of getting fat
Less tiredness Help the poor in third world countries At Senior Center At Church At Community Center Make Donations Organize events and auctions to raise money (By June, 2013) (By June, 2015) (By April, 2013) (By 2023) (By July, 2013) (By 2025) (By March, 2013) (By Jan, 2014) (By 2020) (By March, 2013) (By December, 2013) Learn to snowboard Learn to golf Benefits & Results: Get lots of exercise and improve health
Learn new skills
Go outside and enjoy fresh air
Improve balance and flexibility
Reduce stress Go to sleep before 11 o'clock Benefits & Results: Have a healthier body
Reduces stress
Improves memory and work
Less chance of diseases
More positive and better mood Organize and donate extra clothes (By March, 2013) (By Dec, 2013) (by 2025)
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