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TAURU jimmy temporary folio

please , be patient while this is loading

jimmy tauru

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of TAURU jimmy temporary folio

Ubisoft "FROM DUST"
Old stuff and misc.
logos / marketting / design
Unity game assets

age : 30
Car licence
Cellphone :
mail : jimmytauru@gmail.com


2006 Higher Technician Diploma in 3D computer graphics.
2005-2006 Learning computer graphics at Studio M
2004 Applied Art update at Studio M
2003 Scientific bachelor + ingineering option in " Mas de Tesse " high school

Professionnal experience

August 2012 To october 2014 : architecture and design in a company named " atelier 47 " , lots of interior/exterior rendering , some furniture designs and marketting.

2012/ freelance , architectural rendering , logos , webdesign.

september 2011 : environement modeler for game under unity.

2010/2011 freelance : logos for companies , webdesign.

March 2009- Dec. 2009
Ubisoft Montpellier : character modeler/designer on AAA game named "FROM DUST". Establishment of the production pipeline and datas 3D backup system.
Sharing my Zbrush knowledge , creation of a morph system for plant growth, customizing many aspects of the game such as soil erosion, some graphic debugging .
Realistic approach of animal anatomy from bones to muscles.

early 2008 :
writing a tutorial on modeling techniques using Zbrush software (Photoshop magazine)

Dec. 2007 :
Modeling a next gen female character for "Streum on Studio".

Nov. 2006 - Dec. 2007:
Modeler/ Texturer , lighting setup , mental ray Rendering,
Sets and characters for multiple 3D animated cartoons at ON/OFF studio

Technical skills

Main 3D softwares : 3Dsmax, Vray, Zbrush

Main 2D softwares : Photoshop, alchemy

Real time : Normal mapping, Parallax mapping, DirectX shaders, Unreal engine 3 , cryengine , lynGEN3 , Polygone crunsher, Shader FX , Xnormal, topogun .
Respect for the anatomy of living , 3d sculpture clean and precise
Up to date on the latest modeling / texturing techniques and real-time displays.

Other :
Bilingual English / French
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