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Guatemala Genocide

The genocide of the Mayan people.

Kyle Thorson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Guatemala Genocide

Double click anywhere & add an idea Guatemlan Genocide Guatemalan Goverment Began systematic suppression of Mayan Indians.
Claimed that Mayan Indians were working toward a communist coup. Suspicion of Mayan Indians Government began suspecting Mayans as allies with several guerilla armies Systematic Killing Guatemalan army attacked 626 villages.
Each was rounded up, and brutally killed.
Each escapee was hunted down.
All crops, livestock, water supplies, and religious areas were destroyed. Torture Children were beat against walls and thrown into pits.
Many victims had their arms and legs cut off.
Some were set on fire.
Many were shot repeatedly.
Commandos and Death Squads Covert Operations carried out planned executions and forced disappearances.
Squads made mostly of criminals murdered people who were sympathetic with the Mayans Support from the United States The United States supported the Guatemalan Government.
Gave the Guatemalan army weapons.
Provided intelligence for the Guatemalan officers.
United States thought that they were preventing the spread of communism.
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