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Rachel Adams

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of anthro

School Shootings Who? Eric Harris (18) and Dylan Klebold (17) Adam Lanza (20) What? Hypothesis: More gun control deters school shootings from occurring. -killed 32
-injured 17
Cause of death: suicide -killed 13
-injured 24
-Cause of deaths: suicide -killed 27
-injured 2
Cause of death: suicide Where? School shootings are acts of terrorism committed by troubled "human" beings, mostly among young adults and even teenagers. Canada vs. America America Weapons of all kinds are easily available for purchase in the states. All you need is a driver's license for identification of citizenship, and you're all set. References http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/12/14/newtown-shooting_n_2305201.html “I guess you could say part of their problem would be the fact that their constitution allows it, unlike in Canada where it's more of a privilege."- Tony Di Salvatore (firearms instructor in B.C) Canada Requirements to obtain firearms in Canada: 1. Safety training: Canadian Firearms Safety course and the Canadian Restricted Safety Course

2. Applying for a license: Apply for a possession-acquisition license (filling out forms)

3. Security screening: Background checks/investigations. Also, a 28 day waiting period is imposed on first-time applicants. Primary Research:
For my primary research, I surveyed 28 teenagers aged 15-19 who live in either Canada or the United States. One of the questions I asked them was whether or not they feel sympathy for perpetrators like the men above and to explain why. Here are some thoughts from people who do feel sympathy for them. School shootings occur when someone enters a school or college and begins to open fire on innocent people inside of the school. I'll get further into detail of what kind of people commit this crime, where these crimes are committed, why these perpetrators have chosen to commit such a hateful crime, and more importantly, how we can prevent this from happening in the future. Seung-Hui Cho (23) HSP3M Culminating Activity
By Rachel Adams A 17 year old from the United States said "To a certain extent, yes. They must have been going through some sort of emotional/psychological instability to cause them to kill other people." A 15 year old from Canada said.... Bowling For Columbine "Yes, I know how hard it is to be harassed constantly...I am for having mental disorders but I'm not going to act out in that kind of violence. When people get harassed and bullied to the point where killing someone even crosses their mind, it's bad. But acting on those thoughts is not okay. Bullying needs to stop and these kind of things wouldn't happen nearly as much." Compared to the people who said they feel sympathy for these criminals, there was a larger amount of people who said they do not feel sympathy for these people and here are a few examples of what they said... A 16 year old Canadian said "No because they're idiots and they obviously have mental issues. People who act abnormally or have like mental/psychological problems really need to be taken special care of and have an eye kept on them at all times." An 18 year old American said... "Not particularly, no. Everyone has their own problems, however most people decide to express their feelings in a healthy, normal way, not shooting up schools." Does someone in your house own a gun? -8/10 who said yes live in America Why? What lead to these murderers decision to kill? I also had asked the people taking my survey what they thought was the #1 motive was for students to kill their own schoolmates and these were the results... Health disorders (13) Bullying/revenge (12) Virginia Tech Shooter How? How can we prevent school shootings from happening in the future? The answer is gun control. http://mauricetougas.wordpress.com/tag/canada-vs-us-gun-laws/


(Bowling for Columbine video)

(Virginia Tech confessions video to NBC)


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