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Autism Awareness

No description

Meredith Boerman

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness The Logistics of Autism Autism prevents people from developing normal social relationships.
Autism is a spectrum disorder.
The condition can be linked to heredity and environment.
Autism affects boys more than girls.
Autism has increased by approximately 300% in the past decade (Toth). Characteristics of Autism A tendency to withdraw into oneself
Desire to adhere to a specific schedule
Possible muteness for a period of time
Unusual responses to events Asperger's Syndrome A person with this condition may be able to develop normal speech, but they are still hindered by a lack of communication skills (Autism spectrum disorders).
This part of the spectrum is not as severe, but still noticable.
Sometimes, a person with Asperger's syndrome will excel in a certain ability, such as singing or playing an instrument, or a large capacity for remembering things. Autism and Bullying Autistic people tend to be bullied more often, especially students and young children.
In a sample, 43.6% of autistic kids were bullied, compared to only 10.6% of the non autistic children (American School & University).
More often that not, autistic people don't realize that they are being made fun of, as their condition does not allow them to pick up on sarcasm/humor (American School & University).
This bullying can lead to depression, and can cause the victim to become even more introverted than he/she already is. Management of Autism Many parents of autistic children look into behavioral therapy.
The younger the child begins therapy, the more noticeable the results will be.
The therapists work with the autistic child in a very patient manner, using only positive reinforcement and repetitive tasks.
If the therapy is successful, the autistic child will have a better chance of making social connections for the rest of their life. Autism in Schools Schools are required, by law, to help and provide services to students with autism (Elder).
Autistic students have trouble focusing on what the teacher is saying, along with remaining silent and seated when necessary.
Special education aids may accompany a student throughout the day.
Special Education classes that are meant solely for those students who are eligible are also sometimes offered in schools with such facilities. Autism Speaks The largest and most well-know Autism group, founded in 2005 (Autism; Major funding commitment announced for unprecedented U.S. national autism database).
Their main goal is to help fund research and biomedical studies of autism.
They also coordinate events to help increase awareness of and raise funds for autism research. The National Autism Association Autistic people, especially young ones, tend to wander and become entranced in their own world.
This causes numerous problems, and sometimes even injury.
They have taken action by issuing Big Red Safety Boxes that are a sort of first-aid kit for autistic people and their family/caregiver(s).
Provides ID necklaces, a caregiver checklists, and an educational plan (The Exceptional Parent). Autistic Self-Advocacy Center This group focuses on helping adults with autism to become independent citizens.
For many of them, it can be difficult to get jobs because of their lack of social communication and behavioral abnormalities.
This organization, along with many others, agree that more funding needs to go out to adults with autism. Service Hours I spend 5 days teaching 4 year old kids at a Vacation Bible School.
Planning lessons, scheduling recess, and keeping track of my class were all part of the job.
One autistic boy in my class was the reason I chose to focus my project on Autism Spectrum Disorder. How You Can Help! Become educated. Learn about autism, and know what to expect.
Support organizations. Attend events that are held, even donating a few dollars can help fund the outreach tactics used.
Be kind and accepting. Not only to those with autism, but to everyone around you. Work Cited Adreon, Diane., Durocher, Jennifer Stella.. "Evaluating the College Transition Needs of Individuals With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders." Intervention in School & Clinic 5(2007):271. eLibrary. Web. 11 Dec. 2012.
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