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Transformers Monomyth

No description

Danny Mos

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Transformers Monomyth

Transformers Monomyth
Initiation (2nd Rite passage)
Magic Flight is the path back to society it can be peaceful or violent and in Transformers it is actually peaceful and benign, that journey occurs after the fight against Megatron
-The Protagonist/Hero is mainly a male character that is courageous and is sometimes constantly or mostly bullied in some type of way . In this case Sam Witwickey is the protagonist/hero in the movie Transformers
-Pre-Separation Life is the life the protagonist/hero lives before the journey and change occurs. In Transformers Sam starts off as a regular teenage boy going about his life crushing on girls, getting bullied, and pushed around at school.
-The Archetype/herald is a reccuring character that basically is a messenger of the hero. In Transformers Bumblebee is the herald . He was the one that introduced Sam to the Autobots and their war.

-The Call to adventure happens when the mind becomes unbalanced. This happens when Sam finds out that his car is more than just a car. He begins to question why the car is a robot and what it is looking for. As we can recalll in the movie when Sam reports his car stolen and goes on a chase after it and finds out his car can transform.

-Sam refuses the call to adventure at first because of confusion and his fear of what is gonna happen

(1st Rite of Passage)
-Involuntary separation is when the hero is forced to take on the journey. In transformers this happens when Sam is being chased by Bumblebee.
-The super natural aid is the recurring character that can be an outside being who guides or helps/aids the hero. In Transformers Bumblebee is the super natural aid. He is always there when Sam is in trouble like in the movie when the decepticon captures Sam after he runs away from Bumblebee who ends up coming to his rescue.
The amulet in the movie is Sam's great
grandfathers cracked glasses and later in
the movie the all-spark
-The threshold crossong occurs after Sam sees and
witness Bumblebee fighting the decepticon at the junkyard, and makes a decision to get in to the car (bumblebee) showing acceptance to the adventure and new life .
The threshold guardian is the decepticon who tried to cpture sam to get the his grandfathers glasses
-The Belly of the whale happens after Sam accepts the autobots request to find the all-spark. He ends up losing Bumblebee to the FBI agents and gets arrested and has to decide how to free his self and bumble bee
Dragon Force #1
Dragon force #2
Dragon force #3
Dragon force #4
Sam has to protect the all-spark from the deceptacons going through multiple clashes and barely escapes alive
Final battle
The final battle happens when Optamus Prime is battleing Megatron, and at the almost very end of the fight Optamus starts losing the battle and that is when Sam comes and activates the all-spark killing Megatron
Ultimate boon
Sam obtains knowldge about the robots and what they were fighting for, he also claimed victory in the fight against Megatron saving the world
The return is when the hero ues the knowledge gained to become widom and share it with society. Sam on his point in return shared his knowledge through out the movie with the FBI and all of society .
The 3rd Rite of Passage
By Danny Mos
The FBI agents who arrested sam and forced him in to the car and also capturing bumble bee
The decepticons at the dam that tried to capture the all-spark
The decepticon disguised as a police car that tried to get sams grandfathers glasses
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