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My dream summer vacation

No description

Tina Chen

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of My dream summer vacation

My Dream Summer Vacation
My dream vacation would be Paris because I could see the Eiffel Tower.
Paris has many people in

their city.
Paris's population (2011)
Paris's population is.....
The population of Paris on January 1st 2011 is
approximately 2,217,874.
Where is Paris?
Paris is in France.
Paris is the capital city of

This is the picture of the Eiffel tower.
Did you know?
Paris and Vancouver is only
9 hours away!


This is a hotel in Paris.
Here's a museum in Paris.
city coat of arms


This is the Paris Opera!
The Paris Opera has many floors.
The Paris Opera
has 17 floors, so it's a very
The Paris
Opera is located in Louvre, Opéra, Chatelet.
spacious place.
One of the floors is the Garnier.
The Garnier is the grand staircase of the Paris Opera.
It is one of the most famous parts of the Opera.
It is made with white, green, and red marble that came
from France's colonies.
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