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50 Years of Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Assassination of President Kennedy

Katelyn Burns

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of 50 Years of Conspiracy

50 Years of Conspiracy
After 50 Years
There is still no accepted story about the John F. Kennedy assassination. After half a century of investigation and speculation, it's the missing documents, the holes in what we know, that stand out, leaving this case a mystery.
Dealey Plaza-November 22, 1963
The Assassination
Who really killed Kennedy?
WARNING: Graphic Video
Was Oswald the Real Gunman? Was He Working Alone?
The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding JFK
Did The Secret Service Stand Down?
Bobby Kennedy's Theory
As attorney general, Bobby Kennedy's main job was to stomp out organized crime....

After JFK's assassination, he had many thoughts running through his mind about who he could have angered in his path for them to do something like this to him.
Bobby Kennedy and the Mob
There are countless theories that the mob was involved in Kennedy's assassination. Bobby Kennedy also thought this.
The CIA had contacts with members of organized crime during this time. The mob was invested in operations in Cuba during the time the Kennedy administration cut down the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The Kennedy Administration, including Bobby Kennedy, aimed to get rid of all organized crime. The mob didn't like this and thought Bobby Kennedy would lose his fight if his brother was killed.
A Sniper in the Grassy Knoll?
Many witnesses reported hearing shots from the Grassy Knoll. Other witnesses reported seeing smoke shortly after the last shot was fired that fatally wounded JFK.
Policemen who ran up to the Grassy Knoll after the shot was fired encountered Secret Service men. Who were they? Why were they there? The police let them go only to later discover that there were no other Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza that day.
John Elrod:
Does he know a lot more than he is telling for fear of his life?
Jack Ruby's Suspected Involvement
The Follow-Up Car
Were shots fired by a Secret Service Man by accident?
(Information Obtained through documentary by Malcom McDonald, "JFK: The Smoking Gun"
After shots were fired from the School Book Depository, a Secret Service man, George Hickey, immediately reached down and grabbed the already cocked, and loaded AR-15 rifle to return fire.
The first bullet struck Kennedy through his throat, causing the motorcade to speed up. This acceleration caused the Secret Service men in the follow-up vehicle to fall back in their seats.
The safety already taken off of the AR-15, many witnesses claimed to smell gun powder on street level after the fatal shot, and others claimed to have seen, "a flash of white, or pink" from the follow-up car immediately after they heard two shots from the Texas School Book Depository.
Was he in cahoots with Oswald? Did he get financial help from the mob? Was he paying his debt to the mob when killing Oswald?

Ruby was involved with major figures in organized crime; conspiracy theorists claimed that he killed Oswald as a part of an overall plot surrounding the assassination of Kennedy. Others have disputed this, arguing that his connection with gangsters was minimal at most and that he was not the sort to be entrusted with such an act of high-level conspiracy.
Lyndon Johnson: Was he the most likely to benefit?
Lyndon Johnson was tangled up in at least two
scandals at the time of Kennedy's assassination:
The Inauguration Aboard
Air force One
November 22nd, 1963
Love Field, Dallas, TX

With the Coup d'Etat complete, there is a smile, a wink, and a nod.
This photo was taken immediately after the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson as President aboard Air Force One at Love Field.

Editor's Note:

From left to right: Congressman Albert Thomas 'winks' at LBJ, who is now President of the United States. LBJ smiles back. This is why this photo is called, "A smile, a wink, and a nod." At the center of the historical vortex, Jackie Kennedy stands grief-stricken and in shock.


Was Russia Involved?
Some say that the Russian secret service the "KGB" were involved.
The KGB knew about Oswald because he lived in the Soviet Union and married Marina, a Soviet citizen.
The KGB sent a Soviet agent posing as Oswald to spy in the U.S.
The real Oswald was killed in the Soviet Union.
Khrushchev wanted revenge after the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962.
The imposter Oswald was then ordered to kill JFK.
Ruby then killed the KGB Oswald.
The Warren Commission covered up the truth to prevent a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Jack Ruby said that he knew who had President Kennedy killed. He said he was framed into killing Oswald. And that "They got what they wanted from me." But never said who "They" were.
The Secret Service Agent in charge ordered the Presidents bodyguards to stand down right before the President was assassinated. This could have been because the secret service knew what was about to happen. They also responded very slowly after the shots were fired.
Eye witnesses see shots from the grassy knoll.
Ruby Speaks Out
By: Liana Bennett, Katelyn Burns, Sam Armstrong, Nicholas Miller, Robert Brown
The Bobbie Baker Scandal
: Bobbie Baker was LBJ's right-hand man. He was taking huge bribes on Johnson's behalf.

The Billie Sol Estes Scandal
: Billie Sol Estes was getting millions in federal contracts thanks to Johnson.
Both scandals were under investigation and pointing to corruption by Johnson.
Did he plot the assassination for fear of losing his name on the ticket? The fact that the Kennedy's were within days of politically executing & personally destroying Lyndon Johnson very well could have been the tripwire for the JFK assassination.
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