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Eating Atkins - www.eatingAtkins.ie

Why and how the Atkins diet works - both for weight loss and health!

Roseanne Dolan

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Eating Atkins - www.eatingAtkins.ie

You lose weight and more importantly don't find it again! It works! Atkins works by reducing carbohydrates and replacing refined carbohydrates with healthy whole foods.. The body has 2 fuel sources:
When carbohydrates are reduced the body switches to using fat for fuel Why Atkins works: On Atkins we replace refined processed carbohydrates .. How it works: With meat, fish, poultry and complex carbohydrates .. The Atkins Diet! Carbohydrates are a macro-nutrient that gets converted to sugar or glucose in the body So what are carbohydrates? Success stories: This way of eating is for everyone that wants to lose weight, maintain their weight loss and improve their health
See success stories of people from 19 to 69: http://www.atkins.com/Program/Success-Stories.aspx
I know from personal experience that it works.. Lifestyle It's Healthy! The Atkins diet is backed my more than 50 studies - weight loss and health benefits
Main health benefits:
Improves HDL (good cholesterol)
Reduces markers for heart disease
Can prevent/reverse diabetes Low carb Vs low fat diets Food is delicious! Website has hundreds of recipes
New Atkins Cookbook has over 200 recipes
Eat real foods - meat, fish, poultry, over 50 vegetables, cheeses, dairy, nuts, berries.. Its flexible
Can be adapted to any culinary preferences - vegetarians can do Atkins
Eating out in many types of restaurants or any cuisines
You can start in any of the four phases
You decide which phase to start in
You decide when to move on to next phase Lots of support Snacks One-to-one support from your Atkins Support Partner for FREE
Individualized plan to make sure weight stays lost
FREE regular information evenings
Lots of info on www.eatingAtkins.ie
Gets tips/advice on facebook.com/EatingAtkins Delicious Atkins products available - ideal when
you are craving a treat
you are busy or out-and-about
you don't have time to prepare something
Keep extra bars/shakes in your car, your desk at work, your handbag or briefcase
Take them on holidays
In restaurants choose a bar instead of dessert Induction is the quick start to Atkins
It lasts for 2 weeks
Lose up to a stone in 2 weeks
Eat a wide variety of meat, fish and veg from day one Phase 1
Induction Phase 2
OWL Ongoing Weight Loss
Introduce more carbohydrate foods week by week
You learn exactly what YOU can eat and keep losing weight - individualised plan Phase 3
Pre Maintenance You are 10lbs or less from goal weight
Continue to add more carbs each week
Discover exactly the amount of carbs you can eat to maintain your goal weight Phase 4
Lifetime Maintenance Live here when…
You have reached and maintained goal weight
You want sustained energy and improved health
You want well-being and confidence 26g net carbs
23g sugar
15g protein
151 calories
Serving: 325ml 1.3g net carbs
0.3g sugar
15g protein
151 calories
Serving: 325ml Shake the pounds away It's Simple! Food Swops 0.5 Sugar
20g Protein
3.7g Carbs
235 Calories 24.5 Sugar
4.2g Protein
25g Carbs
265 Calories 23.8 Sugar
2.8g Protein
29.1g Carbs
265 Calories 34.6 Sugar
2.5g Protein
40g Carbs
260 Calories "New Year for a New You" exhibition
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