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Lord of the Flies Character Map

No description

Lauren Gunn

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Character Map

Leader of the group of boys
Level-headed Productive
Hopeful for rescue
Discovers the human capability of evil
Caring RALPH'S FATHER RALPH'S MOTHER Commander in the Navy
Ralph comments that his father will save the goup of the boys from the island Ralph remembers his home life with "good-humoured" and friendly feelings
There is a reference to her having left or passed away.
"Mummy had still been with them"
(pg. 122) PIGGY Intellectual
Needs glasses to see
Insists on rules and order At the beginning of the book, the group of boys look up to him
Struggles for power against evil
Confident Wears a grubby windbreaker
Struggles for acceptance
Strives to be valued as a person Button nose
Has asthma Piggy's Aunt Piggy's Parents Piggy's parents are dead Owns a candy shop
Over protective
Took care of Piggy after his parents died Simon Wise
Black hair Killed by the boys when they got carried away with reenacting the hunt of a pig
Has a special spot in the forest where he meditates
Visionary Only boy of the group that talks to "the beast"
Only one of the boys that never reveals the capability of evil within them Good The Lord of the Flies Represents the capability of evil within the boys
Is represented by the pig's head that Jack and his hunters cut off and attached onto a spear sharpened on both ends and stuck into the ground
"We're going to have fun on this island!" Was possibly the creepiest line in the entire book. The Lord of the Flies "speaks" to Simon saying that certain boys will kill him. Samneric Sam Eric The joined names of the two twins
This symbolizes the way they are viewed throughout the book: as one person.
They both seem to experience the same things because of this
A part of Ralph's group PIGGY RALPH Lord Of the Flies Simon Jack Roger Roger + Maurice Hurts others
We see him throwing stones at littluns but the book says he intends to miss, perhaps telling us that he has a temper, is he able to control it?
Bigun At the beginning of the book, he is described as a person that keeps to himself
A hunter along with Jack
Mean spirited No morals
There is a darkness deep within him that (at the first 170 pages) we can see. His true colours show closer to the end of the book Maurice Hunter, sees Roger kick the littlun Bigun
Easily led, he follows Rogers lead in kicking over the littluns' sandcastles No voice
A choir boy
Has a conscience The Littluns Birth mark littlun Mentioned closer to the beginning of the book
Burns in the signal fire that gets out of control
First to talk about "the beast(ie)" Johnny Young
A bit deviant, but nothing big Percival Wemys Madison Recites his name and address in the case of emergency
Possibly the most heartbreaking character in the first 170 pages,
Thinks that the beast may come from the sea
He is extremely emotional The Littluns Robert Hunter
Almost killed in the reenactment of the hunt for a boar
We do not know too much about his personality traits Choir boy
Is a part of Jack's group Henry Roger throws stones "at him"
Minor character as of the first 170 pages
Large littlun Phil Dreams of the beast
Minor character Bill Walter Mentioned briefly
Minor character Choir boy
A part of Jack's group Choir boys Robert, Bill+ Walter Sam Eric The Beast The Beast The beast symbolizes the inner animal/barbarian-like characteristics within us
The boys are fearful of the beast and it is mentioned in some of the boys' nightmares The Parachutist Sam and Eric are the first to see the parachutist
They lead everyone to believe it is the beast
The boys see its shadow in the darkness and confirm this belief Parachutist believed to be the beast The Parachutist Companions. Respect. "Talks" to the Lord of the Flies Samneric Both intellectuals. Both civilized. Ralph's side. Samneric are a part of Ralph's group The boys think the parachutist is the beast Evil Rivals Bullies the littluns Littluns a part of Ralph's group Samneric are the first to see "the beast" Embodies the Lord of the Flies Jack Merridew Violent
Proof of the capability of evil within humans
Leads a new group of boys that used to be called the "choir boys"and are now called "hunters"
Narrow minded Savage
Red hair
Gains power as he hunts pigs for food
Represents evil among the boys
No morals Struggles for control
Abusive over power
Reveals his inner animal-like characteristics
Rules over fear rather than being a true optimistic leader (like Ralph)
Shows no remorse Twins Twins
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