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Dork Diaries Tales From The Not So Happy Heartbreaker

My Independent Reading Project.

Lizzy Randall

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Dork Diaries Tales From The Not So Happy Heartbreaker

The setting of the book is Nikki Maxwell's House , School, Crazy Burger, Sweetheart Dance, and the Roller Skating Ring
The characters in this book are.

*Nikki Maxwell
*Zoey Ebony Franklin
*Chloe Christina Garcia
*Brandon Roberts
*MacKenzie Hollister
*Brianna Maxwell

The conflict was that Nikki Maxwell needed to ask Brandon Roberts to the Sweetheart Dance.
First Nikki Maxwell found out that there was a Sweetheart Dance. She imidettly wanted to ask Brandon Roberts but she was scared that a snobby girl named MacKenzie Hollister had already asked him. So she did not ask him. But it turns out that MacKenzie did ask Brandon and he sad no. But Nikki did not know that. Next at Brandon's birthday party MacKenzie stole Brandons's phone. So MacKenzie was sending Nikki all these mean texts and Nikki thought Brandon all these mean texts. So then Nikki and Brandon patched things up and went out to eat at crazy burger. That's when Nikki asked Brandon to the Sweetheart Dance and Brandon said yes. Nikki wae so happy then Nikki went to the dance and then saw Brandon and MacKenzie and Nikki was mad. Next Nikki and Brandon got back together again. Then Nikki Maxwell won sweetheart Princess.
Dork Diaries Tales From A Not So Happy Heartbreaker
By: Elizabeth Randall
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