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Deaf President Now

No description

Danielle Cantey

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Deaf President Now

Deaf President Now (DPN) (1988)
Day 4: March 9, 1988
David Bonior and Steve Gunderson (2 Congressmen appointed to the Board) encouraged Zinser to resign
Bonior publicly announced his support of the movement
Students and protesters barricaded the University's entrance with cars
Day 6: March 11, 1988
Students decide to stay on campus until the remaining demands are met in lieu of going on Spring Break
First organized march to the capitol
A day of speeches
The Protest
Gallaudet Board of Trustees announces the election of Elizabeth Zisner
Outraged students formed an impromptu march to the Mayflower hotel where the Board met for deliberation
"Deaf people are not able to function in the hearing world"-Spilman head of Board of Trustees
Day 1:March 6, 1988
Day 3: March 9, 1988
Students boycotted classes in lieu of rallies and speeches
DPN Council was created
DPN Council included students, staff, faculty and alumni liaison, interpreters, legal and legislative liaisons
Protest gained national attention
Day 8: March 12, 1988
Philip Bravin (a deaf member of the Board) and Jane Spilman held a press conference announcing four things:
1. Spilman's resignation
2. Bravin was appointed as the next chairman of the Board (first deaf chairman)
3. No reprisals would be granted
4. Dr. Irving King Jordan appointed as 8th president (first deaf president) of Gaulladet University
DPN a Civil Rights Movement
The Deaf President Now movement parallels to the civil rights movement
Vice President George Bush, five senators, and Reverend Jesse Jackson wrote letters of support for the DPN movement
Day 5: March 10,1988
Protestors drove Gallaudet school buses to the front entrance and deflated the tires
Rallies held all day
Students from other deaf schools joined the movement
Rallies held all day
Zinser announced resignation
March 6, 1988 Elizabeth Zisner was elected as the 7th president of Gallaudet
Deaf President Now (DPN) was an eight day protest at Gallaudet University in 1988
In its 124 year history Gallaudet had never had a deaf president
Day 2: March 7, 1988
The four demands were presented to the Board, and subsequently, rejected
Students marched to the U.S. Capitol building marking the start of extensive press coverage
The four Demands
1. Elizabeth Zinser must resign and a deaf person selected president

2. Jane Spilman must step down as chairperson of the board of trustees

3. Deaf people must constitute a 51% majority on the board of trustees

4. There would be no reappraisals against any students or employees involved in the protest

Day 7: march 12, 1988
Day of rest
Dr. Irving King Jordan on Day 5
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