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Dance Composition Elements of RADS

year 10 first lesson over view of Relationships, Actions, Dynamics, Space within a dance and motif

Stacey Enyart

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Dance Composition Elements of RADS

Four Components of Dance Action Space Relationships Dynamics Dancer to dancer Dancer to self Dancer to accompaniment Dancer to Space Dancer to object Dancer to group Unison Cannon Question and Answer Meeting and Parting Leading and following Copy Within the body Body parts Body part to body part Body part to whole body part Set Costume Prop Floor Formations Music Sound Lighting Under Around Over Through Personal space General Space Levels Direction Stage Directions Shape Floor Patterns Air Pattern Immediate surrounding space of the dancer Not a regular shape 3 dimensional bubble space outside your personal space bubble shared by everyone Moving around the stage you occupy both persoanl and general space Low
High Forwards
Down Regular Freeform squares Triangles Circles zig zags squiggles curves pattern in the air trail of a comet Patterns created on the floor If you had paint on your shoes where would the steps be? How the body performs a movement Movement quality Affected by stimulus Time + Force Add interest to the piece different energies and qualities Time
Slow Weight Fixed
Light Space Direct
Straight line
Bendy and adaptable Flow Free
Restricted RADS Relationships Space Action Dynamics Homework Watch Cheryl Cole performing Fight for this love on xfactor last year and produce a RADS table See sheet
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