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Great Gatsby ABC's

No description

Katie Williams

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Gatsby ABC's

the great gatsby ABC'S of A Adultery B Buchanan C Cars Throughout the Great Gatsby, so many problems would've been avoided if people would've remained faithful in their marriage. Daisy would've got a divorce before getting with Gatsby, and Myrtle wouldn't have jumped in front of the car thinking it was Tom, her secret lover. Gatsby had a significant amount of cars, and a was in the yellow car hit Myrtle. Wilson, Myrtle's husband offered to buy a blue car, then told Tom that Myrtle wanted to move away. D Drama Throughout the book, the unfaithful relationships cause a lot of drama, but almost all of the drama is completely unnecessary. Myrtle starts things with Wilson and Daisy starts things with Tom vice-versa that could have resolved easily, had they been more reasonable. E Tom and Daisy Buchanan, some of the main characters, have marital problems that become the main plot in the book. East Egg The East Egg is where Tom and Daisy live, where Gatsby can see their green porch light. F Foul Dust Great Gatsby refers to a "foul dust when Nick says, "Gatsby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and short-winded elations of men." G Green Light Every night Gatsby stares out towards the ocean, looking at the green porch light at Daisy's. This shows readers how much he cared for her without even talking to her. H Hope Gatsby never lost hope for Daisy, even when he didn't talk to her. He moved to be near and stared at her light every night. I Individualism another word for 'laissez faire' for laissez faire capitalism happening and the harmful effects of money on a person and their character. J James Gatz James Gatz is Gatsby's real name, which represents who he used to be before he strived to be so much different and more wealthy. K kill Daisy and Gatsby accidentally hit Myrtle and kill her. As a result of this, Wilson kills Gatsby and himself. The characters in this book are always so dramatic and never use their words to solve problems. L Love The love that Daisy and Gatsby have is like moths to a flame. Regardless of how much they get hurt they keep coming back. Their love is the only thing they are reasonable about. M Meyer Wolfsheim He always claimed that he made Gatsby, and he wouldn't be where he is without him, but he didn't even show up to his funeral. N Nick Carraway Nick is the narrator in the book and also a very close friend of Gatsby's. O owl-eyes referred to as all-seeing eye, a sub character, but one of the few people that show up to Gatsby's funeral. P Pamela Pamela is Tom and Daisy's daughter. She serves as a harsh reminder to Gatsby that Daisy is Tom's, and of all the time he missed. Q Quiet Gatsby really has a quiet personality. He opens up to Daisy and sometimes Nick, but he really doesn't talk to many people, even with his parties he's a pretty reserved guy. R Riches As Gatsby grew up, he developed more and more riches. He wanted to be rich. After he met Daisy his riches were really only important to give her anything she wanted. S Selfishness Every single character has a problem with being selfish. Gatsby wanted Daisy for himself. Daisy didn't consider Tom. Tom didn't consider Daisy. Myrtle didn't consider Wilson, nor did he consider her. Almost every large problem in this could have be avoided by selflessness. T Tom Buchanan Tom, Daisy's husband and one of the main characters, causes the downfall of the story. Myrtle was hit by looking for him. Because she was hit, her husband killed Gatsby and himself. U Unacknowledged So many problems, all of the main problems really, were a result of all of the signs, opinions, and feelings of other people going completely unacknowledged. V Valley of Ashes The Valley of Ashes represents poverty and hopelessness. It symbolizes the American Dream being unachievable. I think this also has to do with where Gatsby personally took himself out of and made a life for himself. W WWI During World War 1 is when Gatsby and Daisy met, and why they were forced to split up. This is the starting point of the entire story. X extreme Characters in this book go to extreme measures to take care of temporary problems. They result to murder, and adultery instead of simply talking things out. Y Yale Yale is Gatsby's alma mater, though he didn't graduate from there. People bring it up a lot asking things such as, "aren't you a yale kid?" It tends to bring Gatsby down a lot, considering he didn't graduate. Zealous Z Throughout all of the problems in this book, Gatsby and Daisy remain happy together until he dies. They are so filled with zeal and love for one another that they don't have problems really. Love, she can save a person.
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