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Testing with an old toast

Louis Sutton

on 11 September 2010

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Transcript of Toast

Mobilize Recruit Prepare Send Care Directors' Report 2010 Faithful and Fruitful Nazarene Ba
First Baptist Gettsyburg
Valley Community Baptist
Living Word Church
Messiah College
Lenape Valley Presbyterian
Washington Bible College
The Fellowship
ACMC Regional Conf.
Calvary Fellowship
CKMC Women's retreat
Chelten Baptist
Hawfields Presbyterian
New Life Presbyterian
Glenside Bible Church
Bethlehem Baptist
Antioch Church _PGM "The Lord, the Lord...abounding in love and faithfulness" Ex 34:6 "All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful" Ps 25:10 "He is a faithful God" Deut 7:9 CLC Church
North Ave Pres
Emmanuel Presbyterian
Horsham Bible Church
Family Worship Center
Golden Hills Community PBU
Trinity church
Reformed Theological
Chrust Baptist Church
Praise Presbyterian
First Baptist Lakewood
Women of the Harvest Mobilizer Conference with Larry Walker WEC Link Breakfasts and church speakers 110 by 2010 81 new workers 50 for CP Praying for UPGs -98% Prayer Mobilizers - 2 of 8 24 staff in
17 staff out
+ 7 stronger "His works are perfect, all His ways are just.
A faithful God who does no wrong." Deut 32:4 Sent 33 new workers to the field 20 new UPGs - new opportunity 39 Trekers (25 resignations, 4 retired) "It gave me great joy
to have some brothers come
and tell about
your faithfulness" 3 John 1:3 MCMCC > 100 debriefs New WEC USA Structure
New network / fiberoptics
New finance system "those who have been
given a trust
must prove faithful"
1 Cor 4:2 That they might know
The Faithful One
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