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8 Reasons why Netflix should go to the Czech Republic

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Tomas Vyskocil

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of 8 Reasons why Netflix should go to the Czech Republic

8 Reasons why Netflix should go to the Czech Republic
1. High developed Economy
Czech Republic has
10.500.000+ people
$27.190 GDP per capita
28th highest HDI in the world
been part of EU since 2004
8. New need of language support
"Old generation"
TV watchers
35+ years old
58% preffers czech dubbing

"New generation"
online watchers
15-35 years old
80% preffers czech subtitles
2. Fast internet connection
Average internet speed in the
Czech Republic - 9.575 kbps
United States - 8.618 kbps
United Kingdom - 7.855 kbsp



3. Advanced technology level
Penetration of
mobile phones - 130%
televisions - 95%
computers - 67%
smart phones - 35%
tablets - 20%
smart TVs - 10%
4. Solid media numbers
Box office numbers in 2012
Cinema - $ 64.000.000
Home Video - $ 22.500.000

Advertising revenues in 2012
TV - $ 1.500.000.000
Online - $ 400.000.000
www.ufd.cz, www.netmonitor.cz
www.ufd.cz, www.netmonitor.cz
5. Weak competition
Voyo.cz (CME/Time Warner)
20.000+ subscriptions after 2 years
Only local shows, sports, B-movies

Topfun.cz (local)
27.000+ subscriptions after 7 years
B-movies, Czech movies, no shows
6. Piracy in decline
Quick numbers
90% of content is "imported"
55% done by torrents, 40% by filesharing, 5% by stream

Uložto.cz - the biggest filesharer
Major source
1000+ request of violation per day
Faces at least 3 ongoing lawsuits
7. TV Show popularity
Most popular US shows
interest requests by episode
Game of Thrones - 200.000
Spartacus - 70.000
Dexter - 50.000
Big Bang Theory - 45.000
Vampire Diaries - 40.000
Quick Summary
Czech Republic is
Advanced economy with high speed internet and high technology standard
in perfect timing of launch of easy and rich library for movies and TV shows
About me - Tomáš Vyskočil
10+ years in online, media industry, avid movie and tv fan
source: local news
www.voyo.cz, www.topfun.cz
www.edna.cz - the biggest tv show website
source: local news
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