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No description

rebecca friesen

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of HOLES

1 Camp Green Lake has rattlesnakes, scorpions, and yellow spotted lizards. There is no lake at Camp Green Lake. There are only two trees. The Warden owns the shade.
2 Camp Green Lake is for bad boys. They have to dig holes to build character.
3 Stanley is going to Camp Green Lake. He doesn't have any friends back at home.He has a no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather who stole a pig from a one legged gypsy.
4 Stanley arrived at Camp. He has to dig a hole that is deep five feet deep and five feet wide. He eats breakfast at 4:30am so they can avoid the hottest part of the day. They don't have any guard towers there because they are a hundred miles away from any watering hole.
5 He is in tent D. His counselor is Mr. Pendanski but they called him Mom. He met his fellow campers their names are Armpit, Zero, X-Ray, Zigzag, Magnet and Squid.
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10
6 They are only allowed a four minute shower. He tells the boys that he stole Sweet Feet's shoes. He blamed it on his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.
7 He dug his first hole and everyone says that the first hole is the hardest. Elya Yelnats loved Myra Menke so he went to Madame Zeroni for help. She gave him a pig and told him to take the pig up the mountain every day for two months and let him drink while you sing to him ''If only if only the woodpecker sighs,"The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies."While the wolf waits below,hungry and lonely,crying to the moo-oo-oon,"If only, If only."
8 Yellow spotted lizards have exactly eleven yellow spots, black teeth, red eyes, and a white tonge. If one bites you your DEAD.
9 The boys named Stanley Caveman. Now the boys say that the second hole is the hardest. He writes to his mom that he is having fun at camp. He said that he is going to learn how to water ski.
10 Stanley finds a fossil and he thinks he will get the day off. Then he shows Mom what he found and Mom says that the Warden is not interested in fossils. The boys come over to see what he found.
Chapters 11-15
11 X-Ray told Stanley that if he finds anything interesting give it to him because he has been here almost one year and he has not found anything. X-Ray's name is Rex in pig Latin. Back at home Stanley got bullied by a kid named Derrick Dunne. He was much smaller than Stanley. He imagined that all of the boys from group D would come to his school and Derrick would try to steal his homework and Squid would say ''What do you think you are doing?'' Then he would slap Derrick across the face.
12 Stanley was the last one to finish digging. He found Mom and the boys sitting in a circle. Mom asked all the boys what they wanted to do with their lives. Armpit wants to be a vet or a animal trainer.
13 Stanley dug his third hole X-Ray said the third hole is the hardest and the fourth and the fifth and the.............. Stanley found the golden tube with the letters KB etched into it. X-Ray said give it to me and Stanley said NO and X-Ray said what did you say then Stanley said, your hole is almost done so wait until tomorrow so you can have the whole day off.
14 He asked X-Ray in the morning if he got the tube and X-Ray said I don't know what you are talking about. The water truck came and X-Ray ''found'' the tube and gave it to Mr. Pendanski and he gave it to the Warden and X-Ray got the day off.
15 The boys had to dig the dirt twice one boy was in the hole and the other one sifted through it once it was out of the hole. They dug holes six foot deep and six foot wide.
Chapters 16-20
16 Four people dug in one hole. By lunch time the Warden lost her patience with the boys. She wanted them to dig faster. They did not quit digging untill every other group finished. Stanley's mom wrote a letter back to him. She said they may get evicted from the house.
17 For a week and a half they dug together. The Warden lost her patience completely. Zigzag smacked Caveman with a shovel and Caveman blacked out.
18 Stanley's head looked like a hard boiled egg sticking out of him. He wrote another letter to his mom. It says he has been swimming long distances, running obstacle courses and rock climbing. Zero asked him if he can teach him how to read and Stanley said NO.
19 He woke up in the middle of the night and Squid was crying. Magnet stole Mr.Sir's sunflower seeds out of his truck. They were throwing the bag so every one could have some and Stanley dropped the bag in his hole. Then Mr.Sir found out and brought him to the Warden.
20 The Warden has nail polish made out of rattlesnake venom. Mr.Sir got scratched by the Warden. He fell to the ground screaming that his face hurt. The Warden told him that she liked him better when he smoked.
Chapters 21-25
21 When he came back Stanley found out that his hole was already dug for him. The boys asked him what happened inside the cabin. Zero said he dug Stanley's hole because Stanley did not steal the sunflower seeds.
22 Stanley was the first one done. Zero told Stanley that he did not steal the shoes. Stanley said he would teach Zero how to read and write. Stanley figured out that KB stood for Kate Barlow.
23 One hundred and ten years ago Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas, peach trees lined the shore of the lake and they had pinkish colored blossoms. Miss. Kathrine's spiced peaches were ''Food for the angels.''Kathrine Barlow was the towns only teacher, she taught in a one room school house.Trout Walker liked Kathrine but Kathrine did not like him.Trout asked Kathrine if she would like to go out on his motor boat and Kathrine turned him down. Trout got mad and said ''No one says no to Trout Walker.''
24 Mr. Sir's face had swollen over night and was half the size of a cantaloup, there were three jagged dark purple lines running down his cheek were the Warden had scratched him. Mr.Sir would not give Stanley any water he just let it run down and hit the ground.
25 Sam thought that if you ate his onions you would live longer. He told people that the ointment would cure baldness. The school house had windows that would not open a door that hung crooked and a roof that leaked also her desk wobbled. Kathrine told Sam about the run down school house and he said ''I CAN FIX THAT.'' Once all of that was fixed Kathrine was lonely because Sam was not there any more. Sam asked her if something was wrong and she said ''Oh, Sam my heart is breaking.'' :( Sam replied ''I CAN FIX THAT.'' Then they kissed passionately. Hattie Parker saw them and said ''God will punish you!''
Chapters 26-30
26 There were no telephones but the word spread quickly that the school teacher had kissed the onion picker. No children showed up for school the next day. Then a mob came and attacked the school house. She ran to the sheriff's office for help but he was drunk and said ''Kiss me you kissed the onion picker.'' Katherine said '' Your drunk'' and he said '' I always get drunk before I hang someone.'' He said '' It is against the law for a negro to kiss a white woman.'' She said ''You better hang me too because I kissed him right back.'' So Katherine ran to go get Sam. Katherine told Sam ''We got to get out of here they are going to hang you.'' They left Mary Lou behind and rowed away in the boat. Mary Lou got shot and Trout Walker hit their boat. Katherine was rescued against her wishes and they shot Sam. Then Katherine shot the sheriff and gave him the kiss he asked for. From then on she was known as Kissin' Kate Barlow.
27 Zero dug part of Stanley's hole so that he could teach Zero how to read. The other boys got mad at Stanley. Zero learned how to write his name. Zero told Stanley that his real name is Hector Zeroni.
28 Twenty years later Kate Barlow returned to Green Lake. She lived in a cabin and some times she could hear Sam's voice. She lived in that cabin for about three months then one morning she was awakened by someone kicking open the front door it was Trout Walker and Linda Miller Walker.They wanted to know where she hid the money but Kate buried it. They said "We will make you walk on the hot ground bare foot until you tell us where you hid it.'' Then a yellow spotted lizard bit her ankle and she said ''Start digging'' and she died laughing.
29 The weather became unbearably humid. Stanley thought that he saw a mountain that looked like God's thumb.
30 Zigzag got mad at Stanley because he was not digging like the rest of the boys. Then Zigzag pushed Stanley and Mr.Pendsanski told him to hit Zigzag back. Then they got in to a fist fight and Zero choked Zigzag. Then Mom shot in the air and they broke up the fight. The Warden came and found out that Zero was digging Stanley's hole and that Stanley was giving Zero reading lessons. Then Zero hit Mom in the face with a shovel and ran away.
Chapters 31-35
31 Stanley was mad at all of the boys but he was mostly mad at himself. The Warden told Mom to destroy Zero's files because she thought he would die.
32 Two days later a new kid was assigned to group D they called him Twitch because he was always fidgeting. He was arrested for stealing a car. He says he can break into a car, disconnect the alarm and hot wire the engine all in less then a minute. Stanley stole Mr. Sir's truck and crashes it into a hole and then ran away. His canteen strapped around his neck hitting him while he was running reminded him of the emptiness.
33 Stanley was walking in the direction of were he thought the ''Big thumb'' was. He found holes further away from camp then he expected. He saw something on the ground and it tuned out to be an empty sack of sunflower seeds with only one seed left inside it.
34 He saw mirages of water ahead of him. After awhile he thought he could make out the mountains. Then he saw something a little to the right and started walking toward it. Stanley thought there might be something under it so he said hey and something answered him.
35 It was Zero he looked like a jack-o-lantern. Stanley tried to convince Zero to go back to camp Zero said NO. Zero asked him if he would like some Sploosh, so they went under the boat and Zero took out a jar and broke open the lid and gave it to Stanley. He said it was good so Stanley drank it. Zero told Stanley that Barf Bag purposely got bit by the rattlesnake.
Chapters 36-40
36 They headed toward the Big Thumb. Zero collapsed and clutched his stomach. Stanley gave words to Zero to spell to keep his mind off of the pain. They had to climb up a fifty foot wall. Stanley got stuck and Zero had to pull him up with the shovel. Zero got cuts on his hands.
37 They found weeds and bugs and they thought if the weeds and bugs are still alive it must have rained up there. Then Zero threw up then passed out.
38 Stanley had to carry Zero all the way up the mountain and they found water and onions. Stanley woke Zero up and gave him some water while he sang to him.
39 Zero was still feeling sick. Zero told Stanley that he stole the shoes from the homeless shelter.
40 Mrs.Tennyson was grateful that Sam's onion juice saved her daughters life. Zero slept a lot for the next two days. Stanley went down the mountain to get the sack and the shovel.
Chapters 41-45
41 Zero started getting better and better. Stanley was surprised that he was not sick either. They washed their clothes in the watering hole. Zero told Stanley about his mother.
42 Zero became strong enough to help dig the hole. Stanley asked Zero if he'd like to go back to camp to dig one more hole.
43 They left at the first hint of daylight. Zero and Stanley didn't want to drink the water because they didn't want to waste it all. When Zero was little, he had to wait at places for his mother. One time he waited one month for his mom but she never came back. Stanley and Zero figure out that they are heading in the wrong direction so they turned around. They found the hole where Stanley found the gold tube. They wait there until the camp goes to sleep.
44 Zero goes to the kitchen to fill up the water and he got them some breakfast. Stanley and Zero took turns digging. Stanley found something at the side of the hole about a foot and a half from the bottom. He kept on digging and he tried to pull it out. Suddenly a bright light was shining in his face. It was the Warden. "Thank you. You boys have been a big help, she said."
45 The Warden was about to grab the suitcase when a lizard crawled on top of it. There were eight lizards in the hole with them.
Chapters 46-50
46 Mr. Sir started smoking again. The were in the hole for a long time. The Warden does not think that they will live long. The Warden says they will stick to their original story, Stanley is delirious and Zero does not exist. Stanley thought of his mom because he thought he would die.
47 The sun came up and they were still alive. The Warden wanted Mr. Sir to get the box out of there. But he was too scared that a lizard would bite him. Stanley could not get out of the hole. Then the AG came with Stanley's attorney. The attorney said she would press charges if Stanley is hurt. The Warden said that the two boys stole the suitcase from her cabin. She also said that Stanley was ranting and raving. Stanley tried to get out again and a lizard crawled out of his pocket. The Warden tried to grab the suitcase and Zero said it belonged to Stanley Yelnats. The Warden stared at it in disbelief.
48 His lawyers name is Ms. Morengo. Stanley was free to go but he would not leave without Zero. So Ms. Morengo said get me Hector Zeroni's file. There is no file for him so the lawyer took him. Armpit asked Stanley to call his mom and say he was sorry.
49 Sam says that his onion juice would scare away the yellow spotted lizards. Ms. Morengo said that Stanley's dad had invented sploosh.
50 Camp Green Lake was closed down and it was reopened as a Girl Scout Camp. Inside the suitcase was diamonds and papers. The sum of all of it is just under one million dollars. They split it fifty fifty between Stanley and Zero. Zero used it to hire a private investor to find his mom. Sploosh was represented on TV by Clyde Livingston. You will have to fill in the rest of the holes yourself.
By: Rebecca Friesen
and MaKenzie Hailey
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