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Library Orientation

No description

FLHS Librarians

on 22 October 2018

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Transcript of Library Orientation

The Freshman Guide
to the Library

Lewis Has a Library?!
The Rules
Welcome to the Francis lewis Library!
now that we know the rules,
when can we use the library?!
Periods 0-10
Using The Computers

we are here to help you.
Whether it's a question
about research
or a book,
feel free to ask us anything!

Mrs. Mercado
Mrs. Saltzman
Mr. Pagano
Ms. Vittiglio
Here's what you should know...
Traditionally, the library has always been used for research...
You can retrieve information in two ways:
Let's not forget that libraries can be used for fun, too!
what exactly is the library used for?
it still is!
Check the calendar outside of the library
to learn about future closings
(for classes, special events, or meetings).
We will also post the period closings on the door.
print sources
, like books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc.
Through the school's databases
Still can't find what you're looking for?
Ask a librarian.
We will do our best
to assist.
Check the OPAC, or, the Online Public Access Catalog
Go to: Francislewishs.org
Hover over "departments"
and click on "library."
You will see the Library's OPAC.
click the
tab at the top of the page
Type in a title, author,
or keyword in the search bar.

if we have the title, it will appear on the page.
We also have eBooks
Scroll to the eBooks area on the homepage and select the Follett eBooks tab.
Log in from any computer or tablet with internet access
With your ID, books may be borrowed for three weeks and study guides for one (exceptions apply).
Magazines, textbooks, and reference books
(dictionaries, foreign language, etc.)
can only be used within the library.
Sign out a pass to the bathroom
at the front desk.
The pass is
for the bathroom only
- not for the cafeteria, not for vending machines, not for guidance visits, and not for walking around - please be quick and courteous to others who are waiting for it.
per table
Our books are arranged by call numbers
Biography, Graphic Novels, and&Manga
In the back of the library
Nonfiction books are grouped by numbers and the first 3 letters of the author's last name
Fiction books are arranged by the first three letters of the author's last name, alphabetically
Graphic novels
Foreign Language
Books translated into different languages or books originally written in other languages.
College Readiness and Testing
For use in library only
Remember: the computers DO NOT print directly. You need to attach your document in an email and send to the library's email address:
Can be found on the black cart behind the front desk.
Accessing your account:

In the following order, in capital letters, without spaces in between:

initial of your
The the
first three
letters of your
Then the
last four
of your OSIS #

Your FIRST password is: Welcome1
To Access Your Google Classroom/FLHS Account

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