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Rogers McLaughlin

on 29 January 2010

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Transcript of Outsiders

The Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis:14 Years Old likes: Books, Movies, Sports, School, The country, and spending time with friends and his hair. Dislikes: Vioence, Being bossed around, and work Sodapop Curtis:16 years old Likes:Cars spending time with friends girls having fun. Darry Curtis:20 years old likes:physical challenges fighting. Dislikes: school work and being serious Dislikes:taking time to slow down Johnny Cade:16 Likes: Gone with the wind and movies Dislikes:Fighting Dallas Winston:18 Likes:Breaking the rules Dislikes: School Setting: The old church in Windrixvill A city in Oklahoma One conflict in the story is when Johnny kills a soc at the park when the soces try to drown Pony. Another conflict is when Pony and Johnny run away on a train to Windrixvill
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