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No description

Caden Heppy

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Lawyer

What You Need to be a Lawyer
I have always dreamed of being a lawyer ever since I was little, and I believe I have the fitting qualities to be one.
Career Description
Personal Qualities
Salary and Fringe Benefits
Job Outlook
Personal Qualities
Public Speaking
I public speak alot, and am good at it
Confident in what I do/am always organized
7 years of college- 4 years of undergraduate study and 3 years of Law School
History, honors english and wrting in High School
History, law, english-college
Average tuition- $45,000
Good schools- Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Stanford
LSAT and SAT are required to get into those colleges
Salary and Fringe Benefits
Beginning- $55,000 annual
median-$114,000 annual
Highest-$187,000 annual (aka making major bank)
what type of law and where you live depict your salary- less populated, less lawsuits, more populated, more lawsuits
Depends on what firm you work for, but health, dental, and leave can be offered
Career Description
Involves working on cases in an office, or at a living space (depends on what kind of work the lawyer does)
Analyzes evidence, talks to clients, and prepares arguments for cases
No certain preference for location, but cities would be the best for more clients
Typical day involves going to the office and working, strategizing with clients, and going over and preparing arguments for facts and information presented in the case.
Job Outlook
expected growth of 10% to 2020.
Not as good of a job market right now because so many people are trying to become lawyers
growing population of job will affect availability
focused on career, qualities, education, benefits and salary, and outlook of the job
As it becomes harder and harder for people to become lawyers, I am aspiring to be one and I hope you learned something about lawyers today.
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