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An introduction to the use of texture in art

Christopher Cummings

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Texture

Texture Frottage Grattage Two Dimensional Actual Implied Three-Dimensional Sculpture Ceramics Suggested by light: Highlights and Shadows Installation Collage Claudio Bravo Sgraffito Da Vinci Jean DeBuffet Suggested by lines and hatching Josef Albers tombstone
transfers/rubbings Max Ernst Photo grain Eddie Adams Assemblage David
Mach Jean Miro Josef Albers Impasto Paint applied so
thick that it sticks out from the canvas,giving it actual texture. Vincent Van Gogh Looks like Chuck Norris... ...But not as tough
as Chuck Norris.
(No secret fist hidden behind red beard.) Embossed/Engraved Scratchboards Mario Deluigi C. J. Cummings channeling Banksy: Beans, hair, cracker crumbs, glue on plywood Dennis Sipiorski
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