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Lady Jane Grey

No description

Carrington Blackwell

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Lady Jane Grey

Carrington Blackwell Lady Jane Grey Pictures Of Grey Birth and Family Did U Know.... Nicknames & Other Names Lady Jane Grey
Lady Jane Dudley
Lady Jane Grey-Dudley
the 9 (Nine) Day Queen
an English Noblewoman
a de facto monarch Quotes 'I will tell you a truth which perchance ye will marvel at. One of the greatest benefits that God ever gave me is that he sent me so sharp and severe parents and so gentle a schoolmaster. For when I am in the presence of Father or Mother, whether I speak, keep silence, sit, stand or go, eat, drink, be merry or sad, be sewing, playing, dancing, or doing anything else, I must do it as it were in such weight, measure and number, even so perfectly as God made the world; or else I am so sharply taunted, so cruelly threatened, yea presently sometimes with pinches, nips and bobs and other ways (which I will not name for the honour I bear them), so without measure misordered, that I think myself in hell, till time comes that I must go to Mr Aylmer, who teacheth me so gently, so pleasantly, with such fair allurements to learning, that I think all the time nothing while I am with him. And when I am called from him, I fall on weeping because whatsoever I do else but learning is full of grief, trouble, fear and wholly misliking to me.' Lady Jane Grey to Roger Ascham, 1550 Execution/Death beheaded at age 16
Thomas Wyatt sealed Grey's fate
she was beheaded in Private
she was beheaded at the Tower of London
her husband: Lord Guildford was beheaded on the same day
Grey's father was beheaded 2 days after Grey and Guildford October 1st, 1573
Leicestershire, (UK) United Kingdom
Spouse: Lord Guildford Dudley
Sisters: Catherine Grey, Mary Grey
Brother(s): Edward VI of England
Parents:Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk
Daughter of: Marquess of Dorset The Grey Siblings got married on the same day
Grey was Queen for (9) Nine Days
spoke 4 different languages
spoke 3 Oriental tongues
she was beheaded at age 16
born at father's seat call "Bradgate" in Leicestershire Another Inspiration Grey is like another experational person to me because she was a fortunate and providential young lady. She was a inspirit lady who had a miraculous life until she was beheaded. Grey Getting Beheaded ANY QUESTIONS
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