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Nature vs Nurture : Human Evil

Informative speech on serial killers, and whether crime and murder occur because of ones upbringing, or simply the nature of humankind.

Micah Kersting

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Nature vs Nurture : Human Evil

Nature VS Nurture
Human Evil BTK Killer Gilles de Rais Richard Trenton Chase The Triad Symptoms of a Psychopath Bed Wetting
Torturing and killing small animals
Brain Scan Studies Reduced blood flow and lower brain function in regions that control... impulse control
future consequences Brain Injuries Of 18 teen murderers, 17 had a history of multiple brain injuries 13 of them also showed abnormal finding on the prefrontal lobe of their brain. Killer Gene? Findings are inconclusive. Most serial killers suffered abuse and neglect as a child. Is it Nature,
or Nurture? It's Both! Many are the result of unwanted pregnancies, and there wasn't much care given before or after birth. XYY
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