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Master Spinning

No description

Ms Christian's Class

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Master Spinning

1. Each person stands in a hula hoop.
2.Two people have to have a tennis ball.
3. Put the rest of the balls beside the oldest.
4.One ball has a mark the ball that has a mark is the ball that the youngest holds.

5.Throw the balls too each other. When the ball gets back to the youngest she or he yells ball.

You need three or over people to play. You also need nine tennis balls and three hula hoops.
What you need
Aim of the game (pt 1)
6. The oldest picks up another ball and throw it to the next person.
7. If someone drops the ball they spin around once and clap once.
8.If someone is in the middle of spinning and don't catch the ball there out.
9.If you finish spinning and don't catch the ball they move on to the next number of spins and claps.
Aim of the game (pt 2)
no babies!!
1. Stay in the hoop.
Master Spinning
no over than 34 year olds
Niamh Kelly, Amy Christie and Mya Pardy
2. Don't move the hoops.
3. Must wait 10 mins to play after eating
4. You need to be over six to play.
5.Must be younger than thirty-four
6.Parental guidence
8.If there is a draw you need to ARM
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