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School Librarians Build Successful Students

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Tracey Carayol

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of School Librarians Build Successful Students

Achterman, Doug. "The Sower: Interview with Keith Curry Lance." School Library Journal.

1 Oct. 2007 (50-53). Academic Search Complete. Web. 17 Oct., 2012.

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School Library Programs Improve Student Learning. American Lib Assn, 2011.

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Review.” International Journal of Learning 15.9 (2008): 75-83. Education Research

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. <http://usny.nysed.gov/rttt/resources/bringing-the-common-core-to-life.html>. Works Cited Libraries and librarians are important partners in education. School librarians build citizens and community. Promote reading nonfiction literature

Foster multiple literacies and different publishing mediums

Generate creativity, discussion and collaboration Reading for enjoyment and learning.

Critical thinking and problem solving by teaching to investigate, create and present.

Research through evaluating information and ethical use of information. Librarians Promote and Foster Teaches how to use a diverse collection

Offers various 21st century technology

Conducts ongoing programs

Helps develop students’ character,confidence and knowledge base. The Benefits of a School Librarian Why support school librarians? “School librarians provide equal opportunities for learning and achievement”

They foster a love of reading and literature.

School librarians promote and foster technology, databases, books, programs and more. School library staffing is directly correlated to reading scores. (School Library Impact Study)

Strong school libraries improve standardized state tests. (Lance)

Library programs foster student achievement. Why support school librarians? by Tracey Wong, SLMS School Librarians Librarians provide a safe, welcoming environment.

Librarians offer an interactive area - students can explore books and technology.

Librarians foster collaboration and support the class curriculum.

Students can collaborate, curate and create under the guidance and direction of a librarian. Why School Librarians The library is a place to read, relax, research in a supportive inquiry based environment promoted and fostered by the school librarian. “Research conducted in over 20 states has documented that leveraging the school library program can increase students’ standardized test scores and help close the achievement gap.” –American Association of School Librarians School Librarians Build Successful Students
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