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Ontario committee nov 2016

No description

Eric Vachon

on 25 October 2018

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Transcript of Ontario committee nov 2016

Google Ad Word Campaign in GTA
Welcome & thanks

2016 in retrospect
Our acknowledgments
Goals & strategies

Your recommendations
Numbers at a glance...
58 partners in Ontario
In the last 12 months:
10 New Partners
16.8% increase in Vacuum sales
32.25% increase in Retractable
26 free units - Program
Your recommandations
We have a plan
Maintain and increase our service offers
Innovations, a new way of doing business with you!
The digital conversion
Sharing our goals with you
YOU are a big part of the solution!
Strategic projects
"Dealer of the Year"
Your success is important to us!
We have a plan for you !
Web Summary
Don`t miss the Boat!
The customer`s experiance
Create a positive experience
They enjoy shopping and buying local!

Redo showroom, modern ambiance
IPad on line network

Customer service: A tremendous asset
Establish a loyal client base
Warm market referals, it pays!
Be differant!
Throw away vs long lasting
consumers are starting to understand
Inescapable progression of e-commerce
We cannot win the price war vs the big box stores!
Get out of your store!!
Prize for best effort made in the next year
$1000 Trovac
Retractable Hose
Corporate home show experience
Cyclo Vac experts
Cyclo Vac
Service centers
Labour Time Increase
Best growth
Marketing and Visibility
Retraflex Excellence
January 1st:
Double labour time on all warranty work.
RMA, originial bill of sale and Serial # required
After-sale service
Retraflex, a MUST !
Future Web Platform
Environment dedicated to Merchants
Easier to research and place orders
Your cost, promotions & favorites
Buying habits
Your dashboard:
Your sales in volume or $ amount $
by category, period (year, month)
Environment dedicated fr the consumer
Better search engine
Increased product visibility
Module compare product and price
Oriented on the features and benefits/advantages
Inventory in real time
Comments- (reviews)
Other items that customers purchase after looking at an item
An after sale survey
An active YouTube channel
General audience:Growth of 2.87%
Monthly promotion
Appealing combos
MSRP Adjustments
Refferals of www.cyclovac.com
Organic search: growth of 6.33%
Direct: growth of 15%
Marketing & Advertising
Team Trovac
Banoo & Billy Mehrfar
Located in Woodbridge
Exclusivity Cyclo vac
Several years in the Indusrty
Authorized partner since 2009
Rookie of the year
What's at stake
Reaching Consumers
Mobile or interactive platform buying process
WOW factor (customer experience)
Maintain a solid, loyal, and symbiotic business partnership!
25 yrs Warranty
Rewards Program(25k)
The Prestgious Black Edition
Retraflex "Game changer"
National Home Show Over 50 sales
19 Retraflex !
Annual Ad Words campaign
Link exchange refferals

Google "My Business"

reports on the traffic
Pure cyclonic filtration
Already 6 years!

Client refferal program
Closer Program
Product placement
Garage Vac
The most visited pages!
Most Searched Cities - Audience
Cyclo Vac customer profile
Cyclo Vac
higher demand:
By the client
By the dealer

And on the web!
Your professionalism makes the difference
Ad Words Campaing
40 weeks (10 months!)
Geolocalized dealers area
Optimized twice a month
Report twice a year
Annual Dashboard
Web Taggin Campaing
4 weeks in March
1 750 000 impressions
Investment: $29 500
Leaderboard or big box publicity
Expando interactive big box:
- Cyclo Vac dealers map
- Store contact information
TV advertising
4 weeks in March
400 spots
$33 500
Interactive map to promote your branch locations

Domination TV with cartographic possibility
New technology
30 secondes
video ad
Cyclo vac banner & logo
Your Testimonies
The Installation...
Price & outsourcing
Certified Retraflex installer network
Trainning & technical standard for installation
Revolution Retraflex 2
Model home program
Retraflex rough-in
your website to cyclovac.com
Net sales: $105 000
Growth: 28%
Commissions paid: 28%
Cyclo Vac shopping cart
Refferal most visited "Dealer Pages"
Special contribution for campaigns
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