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Viega Welcome Packet

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Viega Welcome Packet

GRS Welcome Packet
Table of Contents
GRS Team
Letter From the President
GRS Values
Advice For Hiring Managers

GRS Team
Team Lead:
Joe Bertolami jbertolami@grsrecruiting.com (440) 565-0255
After 5pm EST or on weekends Please Call: (440) 477-6353

Project Coordinator:
Michael Pakenham mpakenham@grsrecruiting.com (440) 386-5003
After 5pm EST or on weekends Please Call: (330) 704-8712

Planning and Offer Support:
Mike Lee – President mlee@grsrecruiting.com (440) 565-0254
After 5pm EST or on weekends Please Call: (216) 392-9732

A Message From Mike Lee:
Thank you for giving GRS the opportunity to partner with you and your company. We understand that the identifying, attracting, and ultimately the hiring of the talent you need to grow your business is an extremely vital component to your and your company’s success. We also know that it can be one of the most difficult challenges that you encounter; especially when balanced against your primary daily duties. Our goal is to put you in a position where you spend as little time as possible on the hiring process while enabling you to attract the best available talent in your marketplace.

Since 1979, GRS has constantly sought to improve the GRS Search Process. We will work hard to execute each step of this proven process. We know from experience that no process is ever perfect. We invite your feedback throughout our partnership, and we will do our best to customize our approach to your preferences while keeping the search on course by utilizing tried and true techniques.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any point of the search for any reason. I have every confidence that our capable Team Leaders will perform at their typical world class level. However, I am poised to help in any way possible. It is our desire that this search is one of many that we are able to successfully complete for you. We know from years of experience that our most meaningful relationships are grown through hard work over the course of multiple searches. We truly hope to earn this type of relationship with you. It gives us great satisfaction to watch your company grow and to know that the great people that we are able to connect you with have a part in that success.
Mike Lee – President of GRS

GRS Values
“I had excellent service with GRS. There was very good candidate selection and professional support. Plus, there was great follow up from Joe Bertolami.”

Peter Lambert – Sales Manager at Watson-Marlow

Useful Resources for Hiring Managers
Tips for Onboarding

How to Extend Job Offers Successfully

The 9 Things That Seal the Deal

The 9 Most Common Hiring Mistakes

"We are an aggressive, sales oriented company and have found it difficult to search for highly motivated sales professionals with a solid track record in our industry. GRS saved us time by prescreening and delivering candidates that met our criteria, thus ensuring the future success of Seepex. The audio based references were helpful in reinforcing our decision." - David Heigl - Sales Manager

"Being very busy, I was able to eliminate a lot of work by partnering with GRS. They succeeded in finding candidates who were qualified based on what we discussed." - Dan Weitzel - Sales Manager at Gates Rubber Company

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