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Social Media's Impact on Employee Privacy

Jayme Purinton - Legal Issues in Business - October 2013

Jayme Purinton

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Media's Impact on Employee Privacy

Social Media's Impact on Employee Privacy
Table of Contents
Social Media in the Workplace
Employers' Use and Access to Employees' Social Media
Social Media to Perform Work
Employee Privacy at Work
Employers' Use and Access to Employees' Social Media
Employees use social media at work
Employees who use social media may unknowingly give up their privacy
Employers use social media to recruit, and retain employees
Employers can use social media to monitor and track employee behavior
Employee Privacy at Work
Employees have the right to privacy at work, however this does not apply to e-mail, Internet usage and computers (Employment Law Group, 2013).
Social Media to Perform Work
Employees and employers can gather or provide information
Communication may be improved
People are more engaged with colleagues and managers regardless of location
Social Media is Ubiquitos
Social media tells a lot about a person
Social Media in the Workplace
Social media inherently and intentionally exposes people to others on the internet
People use social media all day long, at home, on the train and at work
Social media connects friends, family, and colleagues
Social media enables people to easily "check up" or "check in" on others
Social Media Enhances Productivity
Social Media Provides Personal Data
Where a person is located
Who a person is with
What time a posting is added
Positive Aspects
Employees are given freedom to connect while at work
Points of contact beyond email can improve customer relationships
Business development and networking is simplified
Can build stronger business relationships (Intel, 2013)
Employees may be easily distracted
Employers may acquire knowledge about employees' s extracurricular activities
Personal and professional lines become blurred
Productivity can decrease
Of 3.9M users studied, 71% of Facebook users censor their own posts (Kanalley, 2013)
Some People are Cognizant of Social Media Use
Brown, K. (2013). What are employee privacy rights?Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/employee-privacy-rights-1239.html

Employment Law Group. (2013). Employee Rights 101. Retrieved from http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination/employees-rights-101.html

Google Images. (2013). All images retrieved from Google.com

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Kanalley, C. (2013, April 16). Self-censorship on Facebook is common, study finds. Huffington Post. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/craig-kanalley/self-censorship-facebook_b_3095101.html

Mello, J. A. (2012). Social media, employee privacy and concerted activity: Brave new world or big brother? Labor Law Journal, 63(3), 165-173.
Employers Gain Data Through Several Sources
Personal information searches
Electronic monitoring
Camera monitoring
Telephone monitoring
Better "red flagging" of misbehavior
More expedient recruitment
Better informed decision making
Increased employee productivity
Improved communication (Mello, 2012)
Hampered freedom of speech for employees
Derailed decision making on issues - due to distracting data
Less privacy for all employees
Blurred personal/professional lines
Social media is accessible, open, and relatively easy to navigate.
Sometimes People Forget that the Internet is Public
Looking Ahead:
Pros and Cons of Employer Access to Employees' Social Media
Is Big Brother watching?
Employers Routinely Invade Employees Right to Privacy
Social media connects people and teams in different regions, time zones and countries
Social media at work brings about many positives and negatives in a working environment
While the 1st Amendment allows for freedom of speech, employees must heed caution when using social media
Privacy laws will protect some rights, not all
Jayme Purinton
New England College of Business
Legal Issues in Business
October 2013

(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
(Google Images, 2013)
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