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By My Side- David Choi

No description

Sushi the Potato

on 19 December 2011

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Transcript of By My Side- David Choi

By My Side ~ David Choi Music Video 5 Interesting Facts About David Choi Not only is David Choi a singer/song-writer/producer, he is also a Youtube celebrity. He is the #9 Most Subscribed Musician (All-time). 1 Background Information of By My Side This song was released in the album, By My Side, in 2010. It is one of the three most popular songs from his album; the other two songs are That Girl and Won't Even Start.

By My Side is a song which shows the desire to be with a loved one. In the music video:
The girl sits higher than the boy, meaning that she is unreachable to him
Balloons represent all the effort and sacrifices we have to make in a relationship
The girl is finally impressed and lets down the key to her world
The ending is not to be seen as the girl was rescued, but rather they are now together In 2004, David Choi entered the David Bowie Mash-Up Contest and was the grand-prize winner. He was even chosen as the winner by David Bowie himself. 2 At age 6, David was forced to play either the piano, violin, cello, or flute because of his parents' musical background. David chose to play the piano and violin but had always hated it because he didn't like practicing. 3 Though in his Youtube videos, David sings and plays his guitar very well, he has only ever had one guitar lesson in his whole life and no vocal lessons. 4 David Choi's passion for song-writing didn't form until he was 16. One day, one of his classmates played a song he wrote and as David listened, he asked himself if he could write something like that. That's when he started writing songs. 5 What do I think of David Choi's song, By My Side? When I first heard the song, I was amazed by it. It was, and still is, one of the best songs I've heard. I think that the feeling of the song is expressed clearly through the lyrics. The genre of the music for this song is just right. For a song like By My Side, you wouldn't use rock or jazz styled music. The melody and beat caught my attention the most. I never knew anyone could think of such a catchy tune! Everything about this song is perfect. By Susie Wang Subscribe
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