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Delta Gamma Alcohol Policy

No description

Colleen Maxwell

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Delta Gamma Alcohol Policy

Where is appropriate?
Members who are 21 are welcome to drink at any registered venue contracted by Delta Gamma or any other campus organization for an event.
No alcoholic beverages may be stored or served on Delta Gamma property.
The Basics
Fraternity funds cannot be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Ex) No bar minimums.
Delta Gamma abides by all university, state, local, and federal laws.
<21 = you should not be consuming alcohol
>21 = please enjoy responsibly (when
SO if you are at an event or representing Delta Gamma in any capacity...these rules apply.

When is appropriate?
If you're 21 -- whenevs...
There should be absolutely

Before, during, or directly after a philanthropy event of
chapter in the Greek Community. Ex) No pregaming Mr. Anchorsplash
48 hours before and 24 hours after any Delta Gamma ritual. Ex) Formal chapter, Pi Alpha Ceremony
Alcohol may NEVER be consumed while wearing Delta Gamma letters.
Events with Alcohol
Attendance is
not required
at any event where alcohol is present.
Any event Delta Gamma hosts MUST be registered with EO, Panhellenic, and the Student Involvement Center.
Delta Gamma considered an event based on perception. So if an outsider would see it as a DG event, then it would need to be registered...
Example) Around the World. Any event that can be tracked through social media, messages, etc. is applicable.
Behavior at Delta Gamma Events
"Each Delta Gamma has an obligation to conduct herself in a way that brings credit to herself and Delta Gamma. She also has an obligation to refrain from actions which will harmfully implicate the Fraternity, her chapter or an individual member of Delta Gamma, or which would reflect unfavorably on any of these."
The consumption of alcohol and/or use of false identification to purchase alcohol by members who are under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited.
Giving alcohol to members or dates who are not 21 is also prohibited...even if it's just a sip.
Our security company is on top of it. So be aware...
If ever someone is too intoxicated...
The inability to walk, stand, sit, eat, drink, etc. without the aid of another indicates that someone is too intoxicated and they will be sent home in a cab.
Delta Gammas will be held responsible for their guests’ behavior at social events. So bring good guys! You deserve them!
This includes all behavior, not just intoxication. Ex) Providing drinks to underage guests, disrespecting the venue, etc.
If a date is too intoxicated, the member will be asked to take them home and not allowed to return.
If a Delta Gamma is sent home:
Another Delta Gamma will accompany her along with both of their dates as well.
She will be responsible for providing cab fare.
Delta Gamma Alcohol Policy
Things to keep on your radar
If ever a Delta Gamma is sent home...
...a Statement of Obligation Review will be written. Meaning...
We promised when we signed our Statement of Obligations that we would uphold Delta Gamma values.
We can all agree that being too intoxicated to function is not in line with Delta Gamma values.
A Statement of Obligation Review simply means that we will meet formally to talk about it and see what the member and or Honor Board can do to ensure that the member is okay and that the situation does not happen again.
The four possible outcomes of the formal hearing:
Penalty - Ex) Loss of a social event, etc.
Probation - commonly 30 - 60 days - includes loss of voting and social privileges
Social Media
Please be aware of your Tweets, facebook posts, pictures, instagrams, etc. as they reflect on every woman in this room.
Underage members: no pictures with alcohol in your hands or of any other "suggestive nature"
Of age members, holding a beer, perfectly acceptable...maybe not bonging a beer...
Asking to take things down...
We will talk more about this in the future!
To Sum it Up
These are the rules.
Please follow them.
If you have any questions, pretty pretty please ask.
maybe don't...
NO drinking...in the chapter room..?
If from the outside this could be considered a DG event...
...or if there is record of it on social media, invite lists, etc.
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