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Social Media Introduction for Business to Business Applications

A suggested approach to leveraging the social web for your business.

Joel Capperella

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Introduction for Business to Business Applications

CONTENT 2008 2011 PERSPECTIVE Presidential
Politics November 2008 Susan
Boyle April 2009 TMZ
Reporting June 2009 Death
Panels August 2009 Balloon
Boy October 2009 Arab
Spring January 2011 Old
Spice July 2010 30 Million
Views March 2011 GOP
Field April 2011 DM
Fail May 2011 Cultural
Realignment PERSONALLY INTERNALLY EXTERNALLY Product Developmnet Data Integrity Advertising Trade Events Customer Service / Support Reach Branding Sales ". . . think about when you were a kid . . . you’d walk into the bank with your mom or dad on a Saturday morning and . . . they would know your parents by their first name, know you by your first name, where you were in school. And now you need three forms of ID before you can even get out the door, and that’s if you’re dealing with a person, So we’ve really desensitized and dehumanized a lot of things recently, and I think through some of these online tools, we’ve kind of allowed ourselves to get back to those basics, to have a digital handshake as it were, and to start the humanization process all over again.” Scott Monty Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager
Ford Motor Company ENGAGEMENT
is the difference . . . because of long tail economics Long Tail: A bigger market exists in the 'long tail' of a probability distribution than in the heart of a normal or bell shaped distribution. Context Matters Disciplined Message Know Your Buyer Tell the Story Build Relationships How? WRITE SHARE CONVERSE GATHER NURTURE CONVERT Single Touch Multi Touch Tactics Platforms Beginner Advanced Tumblr Blogger Wordpress Drupal Subject Length Frequency Distribution Anecdotal 250 Words 2 per month On demand Communial 250 Words+ 1 per week Website Broad
Detailed 500 Words+ 1 per day Social media Curated 500 Words+ Many per day Platform editorialize



PARTICIPATION Delivery Follow BASICS Tweet Re-Tweet (RT) Lists Favorites Hash (#) Tags Celebrities News Outlets Journalists Brands Friends Authors Professionals Design
Recommendations Focus Intent Frequency Commit Prepare Engage Organization TweetDeck Monitoring & Workflow Beginner Advanced Multiple accounts
Multiple Platforms
Assignments Analysis Trendistic Link Shortener (bit.ly) Participation TweetChat Twitterfal Just Start Following Must
Read Extremely Precise
Targeting Page
Activity Demographic
Breakdown Content




Anticipate Need to add
1) reading
2) links
3) the course in 10/11 EXAMPLES joel.capperella@inflectionmethods.com http://www.twitter.com/joelcapperella http://www.linkedin.com/in/joelcapperella http://facebook.com/joelcap Suggested Reading Prezi Training OCTOBER 2011 Integrated Social Media Marketing:
Mastering the art of story telling to drive business development Social Media Overview Introduction to the Perspectives and Tools Necessary to Leverage the Social Web to Drive Opportunity Joel Capperella
Inflection Methods
Yoh Thank You!
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