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TOK Presentation

To what extent is our appreciation of art affected by social norms or social preconceptions?

Sophia Sun

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

The readers believe that what they received have undergone a process of selection: they have been published, reviewed and reprinted, so that readers approach them with the assurance that others have found them well constructed and ‘worth it’.

So for literary works, the cooperative principle is hyper-protected. Readers assume that in literature complications of language ultimately have a communicative purpose and, instead of imagining that the speaker or writer is being uncooperative, as they might in other speech contexts, they struggle to interpret elements that flout principles of efficient communication in the interests of some further communicative goal.

‘Literature‘ is an institutional label that gives us reason to expect that the results of our reading efforts will be ‘worth it’. So when we confront obscurities we are willing to pay attention, to explore uncertainties, and not immediately ask ’what do you mean by that?’ The Hyper-protected Cooperative Principle once the scale is balanced... ENJOY LIFE
ENJOY ART Appropriateness? or it really
adds something to the street? ART OF KNOWLEDGE To What Extent Is Our Appreciation of Art Affected By Social Norms or Social Preconceptions?
(From the Angle of Street Art!) ART OF KNOWLEDGE ENJOY LIFE
ENJOY ART Appropriateness? Historical Influences? Brotherly Kiss, 1990,
depicting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev kissing his East German counterpart Erich Honecker. Historical Influences? Big-character Posters
during The Great Cultural Revolution Labeling the art? Overgeneralization
and tagging with
"formal" "casual"? Labeling the art? The Hyper-protected Cooperative Principle " " Jonathan Culler’s “Literary Theory: A very short Introduction”
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