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10 Steps to Becoming a Dictator

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Tiara Mccall

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of 10 Steps to Becoming a Dictator

The 1921 Ban
Take Control of the Future
Become a family man
10 Steps to Becoming a Dictator
By: Tiara & Shay
The united opposition defeat 1926
Become a Puppet Master
Nazis controlled just about every aspect of Germany
The arts
Hitler made sure that children were taught to support him
Both Stalin and Hitler believed kids should join youth organizations
Stalin made it harder for married couples to get a divorce
Stalin felt that children would not be homeless if they lived in a perfect home
Hitler supported German families
He wanted them to produce the perfect race
Snitches don't get the stitches
Children were expected to tell officials if teachers or their parents said anything bad about Hitler.
Stalin's secret police encouraged people to tell on their neighbors.
Step One
One must fall down in order to get back up
Hitler was arrested due to the Beer Hall Putsch.
Stalin has also been to jail a few times
Have no money for a while
Both Hitler and Stalin knew how it felt to be poor at some point in their lives.
Make everything that you glitter seem like gold
Hitler made himself look like savior of the people
Get yourself a strong military.
Hitler had many many branches of military
Stalin turned the soviet union into a military superpower
Night of the long Knives
Stalin's Terror
Step 10
You are now a Dictator!!
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