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Welcome to Tumblr

No description

Clara Oswald

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Tumblr

Hello Peasant Welcome to the secret and elusive society that is the magical world of Tumblr and no, there is no e in tumblr. Basics of Tumblr - Twihards are not allowed.
- there are two types of tumbler blogs: fandoms and hispters.
- hipsters reblog all the deep, inspirational and artsy things
- fandoms reblog things about their fandoms - many have multiple.
- tumblr reblogs, someone posts one thing and others reblog that. tumblr is NOT facebook and twitter combined. saying things like that will get you killed. livesinabluebox.tumblr.com Tumblr is a very complex place and if you're not one of us, it's difficult to understand as we use terms you do not understand because you are peasants. sorry, that's rude. was that rude? I was told not to be rude. Typical Terms Used on Tumblr - Peasant: people who are behaving foolishly, inferior human beings with the incapability to understand the brilliance on tumblr.
- I can't/ I can't even: when something so brilliant and amazing has happened or you have seen that you have no words to express yourself and it's just so awesome that you simply can't. You can't breathe or live or anything. This is usually used by fandoms.
- Fangirling: When you are freaking out because your favourite actor/character/etc has done something brilliant or is simply looking beautiful.
- Shipping/I ship it: when you like two people (usually two characters) together and want them to be in a relationship. Many times one's ship may not be an actual couple in the show/book/etc.
- OTP: One True Pairing, the ship that you ship the most, you can have more than one OTP, though typically it is limited to OTP per fandom, notice the typically.
- Canon: something that is official, for example, a canon ship is a ship that actually exists in the show/etc. the phrase "it is canon" is commonly used by bloggers who believe that something that may not actually be canon should/could be.
- The Feels: used to describe the psycological pain or, occasionally, pleasure inflicted by the show/etc. This is used when something either incredibly sweet and happy happens (very rare in tumblr fandoms) or something devastating happens, such as a characters death (much more common).
- What is air?: similar to I can't even, when you have found something that is so amazing - whether it's incredibly hilarious or simply excruciatingly beautiful - that you are struggling to breathe, whether fictionally or in actuality. You could also use this magical thing called google. There are many more terms, but that requires research as I can't remember them all, so you join tumblr and figure them out as you go along. As seen in the earlier box thing, a lot of the terms used in tumblr relate back to Fandoms. Tumblr can be literally broken into two halves, as said earlier, those halves are Hipsters and Fandoms. Hipsters don't have many specific terms (and if they do, I don't know, I'm a Fandom blogger), they really just put a lot of deep, happy, sappy, bright and shiny, or deep, dark and twisty sayings and pictures and art and stuff. Fandom bloggers reblog some of their stuff, but we are focused on our fandoms, hence the name. There are four major fandoms on tumblr. 1. HARRY POTTER the boy who lived Harry Potter is one of the most popular Fandoms on tumblr and most people are a part of it - obviously. At the very least, no one is a member of the enemy of the Potterheads, the Twihards. Magic Never Ends... 2. SHERLOCK Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man. BBC's sherlock. Do not say it's a copy of the american version because you will die a slow and painful death. Sherlockians, the fandom that waited. No, seriously, Sherlockians got series 1, and each series has only 3 episodes by the way, albeit 90 minutes, but still only 3. Anyway, series 1 was in 2010 and then series 2 aired two years later in 2012 and series 3 is airing in either late 2013 or early 2014! Most sherlockians
ship JohnLock - Sherlock and
John Watson, our catchphrase
is mostly "Not my/our division" - you wouldn't understand, and we commonly cry a lot because of the Reichenbach feels and the writers for Sherlock are monsters. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Moffat will get his own little box later on, he transcends into multiple fandoms. I lied, I meant to put moffat later but i forgot so i'll stuff him here. 3. SUPERNATURAL Two brothers, an old drunk and a fallen angel Actually, it's not that simple anymore, the drunk is gone, he was a ghost for a while, and then there's a demon or two, plus a prophet, and Garth and there's some other people. The angel's still there, sometimes. Think this is some nice, slightly dark show where hot guys hunt ghosts and demons? Hah. you are so wrong, this show is a mountain of feels and since it's american, it crushes your heart about 24 times every year. The supernatural fandom is pretty
big, might be the biggest on tumblr.
At the very least, Supernatural and the next fandom are tied for that title. Supernatural is a very painful fandom because everyone dies and then comes back to life, and the main characters are all so broken and damaged and then they do small, sweet things and it just kills you inside. There's also this guy. and him this one too Here's a
positive - kind of this is Crowley, he's british and awesome, but he's also the bad guy - most of the time. He was King of the Crossroads and now he's King of Hell. As a human he sold his soul so that he could hit "double-digits" 4. Doctor Who Dangerous question. What's wrong with dangerous? This show is
the most painful of them all, and it's also written by Moffat. In Doctor Who we
have loads of happy episodes,
where the Doctor saves planets and people, and they seem like a lot because the show's been around since 1967, but when actually look at each series, all the pain is much more obvious. Someone dies every other episode, and some die and come back to life - time and space travel - it gets complicated, a lot. And then
there are the companions, they always have to leave with a bang and a very painful bang at that. The Doctor himself also leaves with a resonating bang. Everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor. As said earlier,
Doctor Who is on par with Supernatural with possibly being the biggest and most popular fandom on tumblr. SuperWhoLock However, no need to worry, the 4 big fandoms are all friends with each other, and most of us are a part of all of them. And we all support each other because the writers of these shows are evil. Harry Potter feels are not discussed. We reblog and relive the happy moments. Next manner of business on Fandoms CROSSOVERS AND SUCH It's really just something that we all really, really want, and some of the fan-made stuff is pretty awesome And I'm sorry I just really like zooming into all the circles on this thing I actually had a point. Please go to the next one Right, I was going to say that it's not just superwholock, it also crosses with other fandoms, there's been superwhomerlock and superavengers
supertorchmerwholock, just wholock, just superwho and other stuff Right, so, that's all I've got, join us on tumblr, we're pretty awesome, but you cannot come if you behave in peasantly ways. Before you go however, take note of the following. This is David Karp, he is the Daddy of tumblr and we do call him "Daddy," but he prefers "The Creator." And Finally You must fulfill the following requirements in order to sign up That's All Moffat is the writer for both Doctor Who and Sherlock. He's actually a good writer, he's just very cruel and enjoys stomping on all our hearts.
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