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Long-haul destinations

This Prezi is uses for Unit 8 of BTEC International Travel and Tourism. You will see the world map with al the important tourist recieving areas.

Martijn Smit

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Long-haul destinations

within 6 hours from London
Short-haul destinations:
Western Europe
Southern Europe
Northern Europe

Middle-haul destinations:
Eastern Europe
Eastern Mediterranean
North Africa
Part of Middle East
Capital: Nairobi
Main tourist receiving areas:

Safaris in Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo and Samburu

Beaches around Mombasa and Malindi

Attracts people who love nature, culture and relaxing on the beach
Capital of Tanzania:
Biggest city: Dar es
Important Tourist receiving
Safaris in Serengeti and
Ngogoro Crater

Beaches and culture
of Zanzibar
Highest mountain of Africa:
The Kilimanjaro
Southern Africa
Capital: Windhoek
Former German Colony

Main Tourist receiving areas:
Namib dessert
Etosha National Park
Capital: Gaboronne
Main tourist recieving
Okavanka Delta
Capitol: Lusaka

Main tourist receiving
Victoria Falls at
("Doctor Livingstone
I presume? ")
Capitol: Harare

Unfortunately this area has been unstable
during the last 10 years. This used to be
a very important tourist destination for
the rich English society.
There has been a reaction on 'Apartheid'

Main tourist receiving area:
Victoria Falls
South Africa
Cape town:
Airport: CPT
Beginning of many tours
through Cape province
Table mountain
Victoria and Albert
Cape province famous for:
Wine, beaches, Robbenisland,
whale-watching and other wildlife
Places to visit:
Johannesburg: biggest
city of South-Africa
Starting point for tours
and safaris
Neighbouring city:
Kruger Park:
Go on Safari to see the
big 5
Elephant, Lion, Leopard,
Buffalo and Rhino
Côte D'Ivor
Burkina Faso
Western Africa
Capital city: Banjul

Heritage site: George Town

Main Tourist receiving areas:
Beaches around Banjul

and this:
Fly over the Atlantic Ocean
South America
or Latin America


Capitol: Paramaribo
Former Dutch colony

Main tourist receiving
Dutch architecture in
Sustainable tourism in
the jungle
Capital city: Caracas

Unfortunately is the
political situation unstable and the country not save.

One exception: Isla Magarita
Capital: Bogota

Some parts of Columbia
are not ready to receive
travelers, because of
the FARC

On the other hand is
Colombia a country with
a great potential:
Beautiful cities, amazing
jungle, colorful people,
wildlife, beaches and
dancing (on the streets)
The equator gave the name to this country!
Capital: Quito (a city with many
Spanish Colonial heritage sites)

Main Tourist receiving areas:
- Volcanoes of Chimborazo (6310 mt) and
Cotapaxi (5897mt.)
- Colonial city of Cuenca
- The Oriente (Amazon) - hiking, visit indigenous
communities and wildlife
- Otovalo - weekly Indian market
- Diving and swimming at the beaches in the West

One of the most extraordinary wildlife experiences
you will see is part of Ecuador....
Wait for the answer after the next 'Ecuador Video'
Galápagos Islands
Flight of more than a 1000 km
13 Islands:
Unique, but precious wildlife:
- Charles Darwin discovered on these islands that
animals adapt to their environment. He saw that
finches had different picks on each island, because
circumstances are different on each island
- Each island has an indigenous kind of turtle
- Snorkel with harmless white-tip-sharks
- Play in the water with sea lions
- Experience wildlife like you are not there. No animal
will run away, when you are coming. Here animals
Capitol: Lima (Colonial Spanish city)

Most important Tourist receiving areas:
- Inca Trail - walk from Cuzco to Machu Picchu in a couple of days
- Nazca Lines - Unique drawings in the landscape
- Visit the islands in the Titicaca Lake (highest lake in the world)
- Trekkings in the Andes
- Still a lot of Indians live in Peru
- Joran van der Sloot in the Castro Castro jail
- Visit the unexplored Amazon around Iquitos
Capital: La Paz

The country is high up in the mountains of the Andes
and attracts a special kind of tourists.
The country has the most indigenous Indian people of
South America.
Besides that there are a lot of interesting places:
- La Paz is a Spanish Colonial city with a lot of heritage sites
- Ice caves and turquoise lakes in the Zongo Valley
- Salt dessert (and geysers) in Salar de Uyuni
- Lake Titicaca
- Silver mines at Potosí

- Altitude sickness
- Coca tea leaves
Capital: Santiago de Chile

Chile is the longest (and richest in South America) country
in the world, but it does not attract a lot of tourists. Most
tourist combine it with Argentina.
But there are a lot of interesting things to do and see here:
- The hot Atacama desert with beautiful sand dunes
- Visit the capital to see modern South America
- Travel to the southern tip of Chile (considered: the end of
the world)
- Visit Easter Island (Rapa Nui) and explore the mysterious
Capital: Buenos Aires

It is a very big county, so a lot of tourist buy
a air pass to get around.
Tourist receiving areas:
- Buenos Aires: - tango in the streets, Sunday
antique market of San Telmo and the brightly
painted houses of La Boca
- Iguazú Falls at the border with Uruguay and Brazil
- Las Pampas - cowboys of McDonnalds
- Rough nature of Patagonia
- Los Glaciares National Park - glaciers in the sea
- Ushuaia - Terra del Fuego - Land of Fire
- Cruise to Antarctica
Countries Paraguay and Uruguay are not that
interesting for UK-tourists.
Both countries are important for agriculture in
South America
Capital of Paraguay: Asuncion
Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo

Uruguay has beautiful beaches and an hilly interior (Gaucho country)

Paraguay: small subtropical country, landlocked in the heart of South America. Beautiful and unspoiled jungle and the most friendly and most unaffected people in the world.

So over to Brazil!
Capital: Brasilia
Main tourist receiving country in South
- Cities in the South and East (see further on)
- Coastal area in the east
- The Amazon
- Savanna of Pantanal
- Colonial remains of the Portuguese
- a lot more...we will take your around the different
Savalador da Bahia:
City of music, dancing
especialy at Carnaval
Nice colonial town with
cobblestone streets
Rio de Janeiro:
Most attractive place in Brazil. Main sites:
- Beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema
- Carnival
- Quinta da Boavista
- Sugar loaf mountain
- Christ the redeemer
São Paulo:
- Biggest city in Brazil and one of the
biggest in the world (nearly 18 million)
- Financial and cultural capital of Brazil
Porte Alegre:
Capital of province Rio Grande do Sul
One of the richest regions in Brazil
Different museums and colonial
Coastal Area in the East
Recife is a former Dutch city called Mauritsstad
- Beautiful beaches in and around
- Fort Orange
- Jewish remains (synagogue) and colonial remains

North of Recife beach resorts:
- Olinda
- Natal
Fortaleze is former Fort Schoonenborch (1649)
and build by the Dutch.
Rather than pointing out one single reason, it is safer to say that visitors are attracted by a combination of the sunny beaches, the busy and safe nightlife, the delicious culinary, the rich Brazilian culture
Amazon River
Manaus, capital of Amazon!
A city with nearly 2 million inhabitant in the heart of the Amazon. A city only reachable by boat. Rubber made this city rich (money and culture)
Cruises through the Amazon also depart from here.
Belém is the starting point
for cruises through the Amazon
A nice city with fresh water
beaches, museums and remains
of the Portuguese colonialists
Cruising up the Amazon River...
And follow the river to one of the most exciting cities in the world...
A newly explored
Tourist destination
Beautiful unexplored
nature and cowboy
El Salvador
Costa Rica
Capital: Mexico City
Important tourist destination
Tourist receiving areas:
- Mexico city: colonial remains
biggest city (population) in the world. Smog
is a big problem
- Around Mexico City - Teotihuacan (Aztek
piramids) and others
- Pacific coast: Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco
- Yucatan: - most important ruines of Mayas
- Caribbean coast - Cancun, Playa del Carmen
and Cozumel

Note: North of Mexico is unstable, because of
drugs gangs
Most important ruines of the Mayas
- Piramides of Chichen Itza
- Old cities of Coba, Tulum, Uxmal
- Palenque (not on Yucatan)

Beach and natural beauty:
- Biggest tourist center - Cancun
- Beaches Playa del Carmen
- Island (and cruise destination) Cozumel
- Xel-ha - caves and mangroves

- Merida and San Crisobal de las Casas (not on Yucatan)
Countries that we are going
to cover during this Prezi are:
- Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama

Countries that attract fewer
tourist (and that's why we are
not covering them):
- Belize (Capital: Belmopan)-
English speaking beach and
diving paradise
- Honduras (Tegucigalpa) -
not always safe, but jungle
mountains and Maya temples
of Copan
- El Salvador (San Salvador-
small country with not to
many sites
- Nicaragua - is attracting
more tourists. Beautiful nature
and nice local culture
I am sorry but here's a little history...
Capital: Guatemala city

Main tourist receiving areas:
- Temple covered by the jungle at Tikal
- Beautiful city of Flores
- Colonial city of Antigua

Why go?
- Most Indian country in Central America
- Indian markets
- Ruines of Maya temples
- Jungle and mountains
Capital: San José
Together with Mexico the
most tourist attracting country
in Central America.
The nature is incredible and
facilities are the best in the region
Costa Rica spends a lot of money
in the development of sustainable
Important tourist receiving areas:
- Arenal volcano
- Surfing at Tamarindo
- Soar or walk through the Canopies
at Monteverde National Park
- Rainforest Parque Nacional Manual Antonio
- See how turtles lay there eggs
on the beach
- an a lot more...let's see it!
Panama city
Panama Can
Panama is land that
is attracting more and
more tourist. And there
are a lot of reasons to Visit
- Birdwatching in Parque
Nacional Darién
- Watch ships pass through
the Panama Canal
- Visit Boquete in the mountains
- Dive with sea turtles at Bocas del Toro
- Look for the quetzal in Parque nacional
Volcán Barú
- Visit the modern capital Panama city

Most travelers combine Panama with Costa
Capital: Havana

Main tourist receiving areas:
- Havana - colonial building, dancing in the
street and old American cars
- Varadero (near Havana) - peninsula with
beautiful beaches and resorts
- Pinar del Rio and Viñales
- Bay of Pigs
- Cienfuegos - Colonial city
- Trinidad - most beautiful city of Cuba, each
evening dancing on the street at casa del
- Beaches around Holguin
- Colonial city of Santiago de Cuba
- Guantanámo (Bay)

And of course:
Dance, drink Mojitos and smoke a cigar
Capital: Kingston
Not all parts of Jamaica are safe
especially in Kingston there have
been a lot of reports of robbery etc.

Main tourist receiving areas:
The beaches around:
- Montego Bay
- Ochos Rios
- Negril

Go on excursion
to see the Bob Marley
museum and
drink rum made
out of
sugar cane.
Practical information for the Dominican Republic
De Dominicaanse Republiek ligt op de oostelijke helft van het eiland HISPANIOLA
Beach resorts and excursions
Badplaatsen en excursiebestemmingen
Capital Santo Domingo
Eat and drink
Dominican Republic
Direct flights from Amsterdam to Dominican Republic
Capital: San Juan
An important cruise harbour
This is their main touristic

So lets look at a cruise through
the Caribbean, it starts from
Map of Mexico
Chitchen Itza former Maya city, is on the Unesco heritage list
Mexico Attractions
Merida white city, where Mayas and the colonial history meet
Mexico Attractions
Beach resorts
Local transport
Mexico Attractions
Airlines from Amsterdam to Mexico
Celestun, naturereserve with pink flamingo
Mexico Attractions
Practical information for Mexico
Long-haul destination
Food and drinks
Map of the
Attractions Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba en Sint/Eustatius
Airlines from Amsterdam Nederlandse Antilles
Practical information for Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba en Sint/Eustatius
Attractions for Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Saba en Sint/Eustatius
Direct flights to St. Maarten
Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao
Sint Maarten
Bonaire, Saba, Sint-Eustatius
Dutch Antiles
Long-Haul destinations
Dutch Touroperators
North America
United States of America
North America (Continent):
- U.S.A.
- Canada
- Central America (until Panama)
- Carribean
East Coast
Niagara Falls
on the border of
Canada and the USA
Where the state of New
York and Ontario (Canada) meet.
A very important tourist attraction in the
north of the USA. It is near the city of Buffalo
Boston: capital of the state
of Massachusetts. Historical a very
important city for the Americans. You
can walk the Boston Freedom Trail through
the city and see the most important sites
of the city.
Combine Boston with the states
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Rhode Island and Connecticut
Take a bus, train or a car to New York City (190 miles or 306 km)
New York City,
The Big Apple, The City that never Sleeps, founded as New Amsterdam
Main tourist attracting city in the USA.
Attractions (a lot):
- Statue of Liberty,
- Broadway,
- Empire State Building,
- Central Park,
- Brooklyn (Breukelen) Bridge,
- Metropolitan Museum,
- Guggenheim museum,
- Ground Zero
etc. etc. etc.
The city plan of NYC is famous and the city has different boroughs and airports
Historical city of Philidelphia
Escpecially for the Americans a
very important tourist destination.
Here the founding fathers signed the
declaration of independence.
See the video
By coach or car to Philly only 152 km
Washington D.C. (District Columbia):
Capital of the USA
This is the political heart of the US with the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon.
Besides that we have the Washington and Lincoln Memorials (you see them often in movies), the Mall and Arlington Road.
Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami:
Until the 80's this city was a city full crime and absolutely no tourist attraction. Then Miami Vice and a smart mayor changed the city. Miami Vice gave the city a cool atmosphere and the mayor renovated houses and brought art into the city. That way it turned into a holiday resort. The beaches nowadays are beautiful and the city has very good nightlife.

From here you can go into the Everglades N.P. a beautiful swamp area with alligators and other wildlife
Orlando: attraction capital of the world:
- Disneyworld
- Universal Studios
- Kennedy Space center
- Sea World
...well, just see the video
New Orleans:
the city of music, carnaval and French influence
The city is located in the delta of the Mississippi river.
The area gets flooded every now and than and in 2005 the hurricane Catherine destroyed big parts of the city.

Tourist visit New Orleans for the French Quartier, music and nightlife.
See this youtube:
is the capital of Colorado and the main gate
way to the Rocky Mountains.
Here you find the ski-resorts:
- Aspen
- Breckenridge
- Vail

Expensive place, but wonderful ski resorts!
There are cheaper alternatives
New Mexico
Desert state Utah with capital Salt Lake City (Winter Olympics in 2002).
This state has a few of the best National Parks of the USA:
- Bryce Canyon
- Zion National Park
- Capitol Reef N.P.
- Arches N.P.
- Canyonlands N.P.
- Monument Valley N.P.

Utah is also famous for the Mormons. A religious group of people who
have very strict rules:
- No alcohol, no smoking and no tea and coffee
- Man can marry more wives (polygamy)
- Body is a gift of god, you should treasure it
- No sex before marriage, but when you are married you should get as
much children as possible
- Joseph Smith started this religion about 175 years ago.
- There is a holy book in the Salt Lake Temple, that is why Salt Lake city
is the holy city

Note: Mormons are not Amish
Capital is
Phoenix in
Central Arizona
But the most
important tourist
receiving place is:
The Grand Canyon, one
of the biggest canyons
in the world and a
destination every American
has to visit. Take a helicopter
flight or walk a little bit down
to the Colorado river.
There are other places well worth
- Monument Valley on the border with Utah
- Petrified Forest N.P.
- Indian Reserves
The state of Nevada is actually a desert
with some highlights. But actually there only one main reason to visit
this state and that is gambling!
Reno, but more important purpose
built Las Vegas is entertainment
capital of the world. The city
with most hotel rooms in the
world. A strange oasis in
the dry dessert.
Most tourist enter the state
through Death Valley
from California

Capital city:
Carson City
California is called 'The Golden State'
Capital city: Sacramento
This state has it all. Every wants to be in California!
It has fascinating cities like:
- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- San Diego
Wonderful nature:
- Yosemite N.P.
- Sequoia N.P.
- Death Valley N.P.
- Lake Tahoe
- Mount Whitney
The most wonderful highway:
- Coastal Highway from L.A. to San Francisco
- Sea Lions in San Francisco
- Sea Elephants
- Bears
etc. etc. etc.
San Francisco:
the most liberal city in the USA. It attracts a lot of
people and tourists.
Famous sites are:
- Golden Gate Bridge of the Bay of San Francisco
- Alcatraz - former jail on an island in the bay
- Fisherman's Wharf - entertainment area at the harbor
- Twin Peaks - view over San Francisco
- Cable Cars
- Chinatown (biggest in the USA)
- Alamo Park
Note: the city is cold in the morning (and end of the day), when sea mist comes into the streets
Coastal Highway from LA to San Francisco
View over the Pacific Ocean
Sea Elephants
Hurst Castle
Swimming Pool at Hurst Castle
Beautiful bays at Coastal Highway
Coastal Highway direct along the sea
Need I say more...
Pier of Santa Barbara
Los Angeles is a very
strange city. It has several different city areas that are far away from each other. The best way to get around is by car. Public transport is not very well developed
Main tourist attractions:
- Hollywood
- Beverley Hills
- Universal studios
- Venice Beach
- Santa Monica Beach
- Down Town Los Angeles
and a lot more
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