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EPQ Manned mission to Mars

No description

Steven Chahal

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of EPQ Manned mission to Mars

Outline of project
The main focus of my EPQ is to see what the problems are in getting to Mars
Change of question
I also conducted a survey at school on the 13/01/15
My most useful and best source
What are the hindrances of transporting humans to Mars and how might they be overcome?
Any Questions?
Thanks for listening
Primary research cont- dates
Strengths and weaknesses of my project
Primary research
Secondary Research
When I went to both Birmingham
library and Birmingham uni library.
Race to Mars was the only useful book
I found which made me shift to internet sources. This was the only book I used for research and my only none internet secondary research source

Primary vs secondary
My project will look at problems from funding and training to actually going to space and surviving the hazards
The reason I chose this title is because I have always been interested in Missions to Mars and wanted to further research why we cannot reach Mars yet
"Is it feasible to live on mars?"
"How is dark energy a factor in the expansion of the universe?"
"What are the problems of space travel and how can we overcome them so we can reach mars and back with humans"?
"What is more of a barrier to reach mars, travel , physical problems or psychological problems?
"To what extent is it possible for humans to travel to Mars and back?"
"What are the hindrances to transporting of humans to mars and back?"
“What are the hindrances of transporting humans to mars and how might they be overcome?”
Emailed Charlotte
Reply from
Asked Carpenter
to try and
convince Wilders
to respond to me
Reply from
Emailed him
Emailed Carpenter
request Wilders to
email me back
Reply from Wilders
requesting a skype
Meant to skype
Wilders. He ever
came on
Tweeted Lansdorp
and @astroreid.
so tried to get in
contact with NASA
Skype call
Replty from
Created a
The survey allowed me to get a variety of answers from students who could potentially be the next generation of astronauts
My best source
This was the best and most useful source I found. This source was one of the first however gave me enough depth in the subject that I knew what I would have to research. It allowed me to create different plans as it had many reasons not just focusing on one area. All the sections were detailed and it allowed me to research other hazards which I may not have known about.
Primary vs secondary
-Primary sources were much harder to get however the sources were all by professionals who had great knowledge in their field
-Half of professionals did not respond back to me, however the information which I did get could not be found on the internet
-It was hard to get in contact with some professionals as it was hard to get their email.
-The professionals did not respond straight away
-Secondary sources are much easier to find
-Anyone can write anything in the internet so many sources may not be reliable
-You get the information straight away
-Easy to find the information
- Not everyone is a professional on the internet
I preferred secondary sources than primary sources as it took me two months just to get 3 responses where as in two months I got about 25 secondary sources however my primary sources were more valuable as they would be in more detail and from professionals
Secondary is more preferred
New skills which I learnt
-I learnt how to reference in essays.
-I learnt good time management as there is a lot of work to do in 6 months under other work I have to do aswell
-I learnt critical evaluation and how to look for reliable and useful sources
-I learnt how to research for data
-I learnt how to write good emails to try and persuade professionals to respond to me
-I learnt how to create Gantt charts and follow them
-I learnt how to write a diary
Strengths of my project
- Got my forms in for the deadlines
- Followed my plan successfully
- Got 3 emails from professionals
- Conducted a survey
Weaknesses of my project
-Could not think of a question for quite some while
-My writing style is quite informal
-3 professionals did not respond to me
-Had to rely on Carpenter to get a response from
Planning the essay
Initial plan
Final plan
I used Gantt charts to plan the time constraints I would have allowing me to have good time managements however I had to learn how to use a new software for Gantt charts
My Diary
Analyzing Sources
Diary allowed me to document what I've done and see how much progress I have been making
Shows my progression throughout the project

Planning and managing
Gantt chart
Source analysis
Skeleton plan
5 Columns
Rating /5
Green means I used it
Red means I did not
Added contradictions at the bottom
Allows me to see how good each source is and gives an easy way to view my opinions of each source
Skeleton Plan
What chapters I would write about

What would be written in the chapter

The estimated word count

Cross analysis of sources
Website is known to give unbias information
Author is a professional in the subject
CBS News will have Bias
They will write the article to favour their views
Author has hardly any knowledge in the topic

There are many hindrances which need to be overcome
Human needs

Problems of finance

Getting Volunteers

Training humans to go to Mars
Storing items
Hazards in space
Can be overcome
Can be overcome
Can be overcome
Can be overcome
Can be overcome
Can be overcome
Cannot be overcome
Cannot be overcome
Emails and transcript
James Carpenter
Arno Wielders
Change of question
1) Has the discovery of exoplanets increased the probability of there being life beyond our solar system?
2) How reliable are the methods of detecting exoplants?
Mission to Mars
1) Are missions to Mars with humans worth the risk?
2) To what extent would it be possible for humans to travel and live on Mars?
"How is dark energy a factor in the expansion of the universe?"
3) Is it feasible to live on Mars?
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