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02.04 What is Stock Anyway?

No description

ruth jacobs

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 What is Stock Anyway?

02.04 What is Stock Anyway?
T-Bonds- Safer than regular bonds

CD- Earns more than a savings account

Stocks- Allows you to have part ownership in a company

Risks (High or low)
T Bonds- Moderate if they lose you lose

CD- Low Risk

Stocks- A very very high risk if the market goes you can lose it all
Where would I invest
T Bond- Broker

CD- Bank

Stock- Outback Steakhouse
Phase 2
What stocks
A marketable, fixed-interest U.S. government debt security with a maturity of more than 10 years. Treasury bonds make interest payments semi-annually and the income that holders receive is only taxed at the federal level.
A certificate of deposit (CD) is a time deposit, a financial product commonly sold in the United States by banks, thrift institutions, and credit unions. CDs are similar to savings accounts in that they are insured and thus virtually riskfree; they are "money in the bank".
Stocks allow you to own a portion of a public corporation. Initially, they are sold by the original owners of a company to gain additional funds to help the company grow.
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